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Old November 15, 2018, 12:44 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Default PREFACE - ATTN - Small Business Entrepreneurs Who Want To Make More Munny

Thanks Dien,


***ATTENTION - Small Business Entrepreneurs Who Want To Make More Munny***

Dear Friend,

Thank You For Asking Yourself This Question:


“How Rich Am I Right Now?”

“RICH” Means…

***How Many Days, Weeks, Months or Years (at Your current Spend-Rate) Can You Go Without Working?”***

IF Your Answer isn’t, “I Don’t Need to Work for YEARS.”


Quick, Dependable Extra C*ash Systems.

You Might Wanna READ ABOUT HOW 426 M*illion Mentor Walter Hailey’s B*illion D*ollar NEER Self Referral Sales System - Can Help You MAKE EXTRA Munny Quickly.

***One-of-a-Kind CONTENT - Walter Told me - Personally - that he never Wrote This Down, Audiotaped or videotaped it. Never Shared it for Publication EVER. Cuz he didn’t want his Competitors to use it. (None of the bootcamps I attended were Videotaped.)

When Others Do Not?

***SCARCE AS HENS TEETH - (As We Say Out Here in The Country) Cuz We S*old 17 - seminar seats at 10K each and GAVE Walter All the Munny. AND Paid Walter 44K to Attend Several Week-long Bootcamps in his Hunt, TX Mansion.

SO Walter Let us come Early - Stay Late - And WATCH him use NLP Plus NEER
to Fill An Entire Seminar with Referrals from ONE MAN.

We CHALLENGE You to Find All of The
Steps In A S*ale All in One Place - Based on Walters 1 B*illion In S*Ales Testing.

(EDITORS NOTE - You Won’t Find another Fast, No Risk, Golden Rule Strategy to Test Each Idea - Without Losing A Client or a Sale - Anywhere Else Either.)

PLUS We Use All this Stuff - On Behalf of our clients - constantly. So You Will See and Hear the CHA - CHING of Munny being Made - in Many Different Industries.


You Know The BEST BOOKS on S*elling Say Your Goal is to “Turn A Stranger Into a Friend who Hands You Munny By Creating Trust and Rapport.”

But They Never Share a Step By Step Guide on How to DO that.

(SEE BELOW for a 6 hr Case Study Filled Guide - )


You Have Been Told that REFERRALS are the Foundation of Any Business.
Especially Your Small Business. We Agree.

You Can Now REFER Prospects to Yourself. Use the Same NEER (Naturally Existing Economic Relationship) Referral Sales System Walter used to start, Sell like crazy and Take Public and then S*Ell 4 Companies in 4 different Industries.

(SEE BELOW for a 12 Chapter - 12 Different Industry STEP BY STEP
NEER Book - How to Guide.)

(EDITORS NOTE - NEER is the ONLY Referral System We’ve Found that Systematically allows you to P*AY for each Referral
without it C*osting You an extra Dime.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #3 - How Do You Ask Friendly/Conversational Questions that Get a Prospects ***B*uying Hot Buttons*** without Scaring them away?

(Check Below For My Case Study Packed mp3 Program - Which Walks you thru what to do and say to Get Hot Buttons.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #4 - How Do You ASK FOR THE MUNNY - Without Getting a “NO” that Stops Any Chance You Get PAID - Forever?

(EDITORS NOTE - Walter had a 3-Step TRIAL CLOSE System. The ASK FOR MOOLAH Question is So Invisible - he had to Repeat it 7 Times - before we “Heard” it. SEE BELOW for The B*illion D*ollar Trial Close System.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #5 - How Do You Put INVISIBLE PRESSURE on and Ethically Blackmail a Prospect to B*UY IT NOW? Knowing that 95% won’t ever Purchase if They Don’t ACT Right Away?

(SEE Below for “Andrew Carnegie Competition” Case Studies. Which have a Link to a 6 hr mp3 Program full of CASE STUDY ways todays B*illionaires use the idea.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #6 - How To Recognize and Send Munny Making Body Signals to Get to The Munny.

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INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #7 - How to AVOID Doing Business with Poison People. The Crooks and Thieves who have been Given PERMISSION to Lie and Cheat You - by The Bernie Madoff’s of the world.

426 M*illion Mentor Walter Hailey - Told me that, “Screening out the Rotten Apples from Your Clients, Vendors, Employees is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do today - to Succeed.”

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You Might Wanna QUALIFY.

Share or Sell
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3rd - Then Email me What Happens. [email protected]

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You Practice Talking Directly to The Unconscious Mind. That is correct. THIS IS DANGEROUS. (Which is Why These Tests.) The Unconscious Controls your Heart Beat and Breathing.


ASK Waitresses and Clerks and Total Strangers
One or More of The Following Questions.

(EDITORS NOTE - You Should Do Test #1 First. Cuz if You Cannot GIVE MUNNY AWAY. You cannot Ask Hot Button Questions.)

QUESTION #1 - “What has to Be TRUE to Make You Happy?

Q #2 - “What do You have to FOCUS and CONCENTRATE on Most?

Q #3 - “What do You ENJOY MOST About ________. (Shopping, Vacations, Your Kids. Working as a Bartender?)

#4 - “What is Most IMPORTANT to You About that? (What they said they Enjoy.)

***EMAIL ME And Tell Me What Surprised You About The Answers You Got.
[email protected]


a - You get to Order 1-7 at 10% of the List Price. (And You Join Our VIP-Inner Circle Group)

b - You Get 1 on 1 Help Making EXTRA Cash with (LOTTO Flirt Tipping PLUS these 4 — “Invisible Persuasion” Questions. Email and Phone.

c - You get Help Adapting What You Purchase to YOUR Location, Situation. Your Personality. You Do Not Get Simply ADVICE. We Work With you to Make You The EXTRA EMERGENCY C*ash you need. (No Extra Charge.)


Your Detailed Directions CLICK the Link —

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