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Old March 4, 2019, 07:15 PM
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Default Harvey Brody's: THE VIEW FROM THE ROOFTOP.

Today, many newer marketers have never heard of Harvey. In fact, today, some have never heard of the late Gary Halbert, or Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham...the OLD guys.

They may know of Frank Kern, Tai Lopez, Dan Lok and other self promoters.

Harvey served in the Air Force, then went to college, got his Engineering degree, headed to CA and began working with many of the "legends" of their day, on a Per diem basis.

So he was around the likes of Joe Cossman and others like him.

He invented the ZOOM SPOUT OILER while in college operating a part time typewriter repair business. After working for other people, he took all his knowledge and skills and started his own businesses, including a PUBLISHING company. He is often credited as being a forerunner in the VIRTUAL MANUFACTURING BUSINESS.

He had about 30 employess and he said he got tired of running at 3600 rpm and his employees were at 2. He quit advertising, and via attrition got rid of all of them, and let the publishing biz fade away. His courses are still considered some of the best business information ever created.

He did seminars and workshops in the LA area and a who's who list of modern marketers sat at his feet learning from the master.

Few people have been able to articulate his keen business sensibilities, and even fewer have been able to replicate his success.

ANYHOW, if you want more, Google him, just don't confuse him with the artist, and you may find we have as much about him as anywhere else online.

THE VIEW FROM THE ROOFTOP is a Brody way of clearly seeing a finished project or product. I will use these words interchangeably, the process is the same for both.

You must know where you want to go. Later, we'll delve into the airplane metaphors, but he explains it like this:

"If you are in Chicago and you want to go to New York, you don't need a map to California." Aim your car, plane, bus, RV or train to the east and follow it that way.

A goal, is a future point in time. It is where you want to get to. You must have a clear vision of your goal. You can see more from the top of a building than you can see on the ground. The view from the ROOFTOP gives you and unobstructed view.

It represents the GOAL made manifest. The product has come into existence, it is being sold and generating funds.

That is the goal most of us here have for our IM projects. To reach a point in the future where our products are working for us. We must promote, sure, but that keeps it going, you have to get there first. If the rooftop represents you reaching your goal, then it begs the question how do I get up there?

Harvey would have you build a ladder up the side, one rung at a time. But he starts at the top, with the STEP OFF RUNG. What will be last thing you do right before you reach your goal? How will step off the ladder and onto the roof?

NOW, what is the rung below that one look like, and so on all the way to the ground and at the ground, you look up and see all the steps ahead of you and you begin, knowing if you just do one rung at a time, you can't do anything other than get to the roof (or fall down and break your leg).

The view from the ground is exactly the same as the view from the rooftop, in your mind. The reason you elevate at the start is to get a lay of the land, to see potential obstacles to avoid, to see the best routes to take. Then when you begin you have a road map, or a flight plan, a route.

You have a step-by-step, rung-by-rung way to reach your goal. I think he is so successful because he mastered this process at a relatively young age.

And because he "pencils it out" and has a "clear view" from the rooftop which has allowed him six decades of continuous success, and why he, unlike so many others, haven't fallen down, or been imprisoned, or heavily fined, or had the FTC, FDA, FBI, etc., etc. at his door. Many of the success of today, have had their share of past problems with the law, mostly because they were greedy SOB's to begin with. Sure, they've made amends, or so they say, and all is forgiven.

Using the VIEW FROM THE ROOFTOP as a compass and guide, you don't worry about doing something wrong, you've already seen that roadblock and took a different route.

This is a very powerful goal setting and goal achieving tool. Especially if you put time increments on your steps. I like to use a building fire escape type ladder, with 7 rungs until the next platform, and then 7 more. Sometimes, there might be 30 steps until the next platform, depends if I use monthly or weekly check RUNGS.

I can write a report in a day. But if it is going to be involved, and needs graphics or other things, then it may take a month. So I might have 30 rungs on my ladder. Today is March 4. 30 days from now would be April 5 (depending on my time of day). So my step off rung would be, have the report ready to be sold on April 5. Everything must be done by then.

The rung before I step off might be putting the PayPal buttons on the sales page and testing it out. Make sure it works.

The rung before that might be posting the promotion at a web site, and testing the links to it. And so on, back down the ladder, until I get to tonight.

And I review my VIEW to make sure I have a clear idea of what the project looks like WHEN FINISHED.


There are nuances with this, but this is the basic overview of one of the most valuable Harvey Brody's techniques for sustained success.

We'll get into the various GEARS a little bit later, maybe, if there is any interest.

Not much for wasting my time these days.

So, I'll post as interest shows.


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