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Old August 27, 2019, 01:21 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default Re: "Flirt Battle - Book #1"

Flirt Battle - Book #1

Dear Friend,

Have You Ever had a “Flirt-Battle” with a 2 B*illion D*ollar Company?


You Can Read About My “Flirt Battle” with The Guys Tipping Waitresses 20K, 30K, 40K - 90,000 Bucks and Counting - Sponsored by FORTNITE - right here.

In My Opinion - OUR Ezine Readers WIN Hands Down.

Even though we are Flirt Tipping Waitresses with 1.00 Bills and 3 by 5 Thank You Notes and Instant Scratch off LOTTO Tickets.

And FORTNITE it forking over 200.00 tips to Waitresses.

500.00 Tips.

1000.00 Tips.


We Think You Will Agree that Our Guys and Gals Get a Bigger and Better Reaction with One D*ollar LOTTO Ticket Tipping.







You know about “Fortnite, right?”

The “F-r-e-e Game” that grossed 2.4 B*illion in 2018?


They are sponsoring some young guys who are giving away 20,000.00, 30K, 40,000.00 to waitresses. (Not in one chunk. In 300.00 to 1000.00 dribs and Drabs over the course of the video.)


FORTNITE has gotten Dozens and Dozens of TV News and on-line Blogs to Feature and Promote their Waitress Tipping Videos. WITHOUT P*aying an Ad Agency.

(DUH - Each Video has a PLUG for Fortnite.)

M*illions of D*ollars worth of F-r-e-e Advertising.

Here is Exactly What The Guys from FORTNITE Did in the First Video I watched.

STEP I - They come in a restaurant. Sit down and order water.

STEP II - They write a note: “Thanks for the water.”

STEP III - Then leave a 100.00 or 500.00 or 1000.00 Tip. AND LEAVE a Hidden Camera to Show Viewers how the waitress Reacts.

We Can Flirt Tip Better Than That.

Based on 28 Years of Flirt Tip Testimonials sent in by out World-Wide Mastermind Network - we Can Prove We Do Flirt Tipping Better.

A Whole LOT Better.

Mucho Cheaper too.

Using only 1.00 Bills and LOTTO Tickets. And a Few Pocket-Size Thank You Rewards that C_ost LESS than a buck each.


Let’s Go.

What Happens When 2 Families Combine to FLIRT TIP?

Family Combo Flirt Tip Testimonial:

Hi Glenn,

Tonight, My Wife and I met some of Her friends at Our Favorite Japanese Restaurant.

I was planning on doing the 3 X 5 Card, Handwriting Analysis, and Tipping, but it was Quite an Eventful Evening due to my Daughter (11 months old) went with us.

The FIRST Thing I did before we were seated was give the girl at the register Two $5 Bills to exchange for $1 Bills.

When we were seated, the waitress took our drink order and returned a few minutes later with our drinks. As She was about to walk away, I slipped her a $1 Bill and She gave Me one of Those Little Smiles' that you have mentioned so often.

She Came back a few minutes later and took our Dinner Order.

She came back with our soup / salads and I tipped Her with another Dollar and received a Bigger Grin and a "Thank You Very Much."

I was planning on Tipping Her another $1 after She took away our pre-dinner bowls, but My Baby was getting a bit restless because She was getting a little tired. No Problem, though because I ended up ordering another drink for My Wife.

When She Returned with the Drink, I slipped Her another $1.

Here's the Kicker. I don't know how familiar you may be with Japanese Restaurants, but this one has a chef / entertainer that cooks the food on the table in front of you.

I was tipping the waitress all evening, and NOBODY KNEW What I was doing, but They were Observing Me without a Word.

I've been frequenting This particular Restaurant for about 3 years now and NOT ONCE Have I seen ANYONE Tip the Cook!

When the Cook finished his Presentation and was Done cooking our food and was ready to leave, Our Friends gave the cook a tip (at least $2,) and then the people that were seated with us at the table (Total Strangers) tipped the Cook (it looked like a few $1 Bills, also) so I followed suit and gave $2).

Please Note, thus Far, I had only tipped $5 and couldn't believe how FAST We were getting service. We Used to have to wait a short time to get our drinks,

Soup / Salads, etc. but this evening, they Did it as if we were their Only Customers!

Not only that, I think that the others at the table somehow felt the need to tip during the meal, too!

Normally, we have to wait about 5 - 10 minutes to get our Bill at the end of the dinner (We've waited up to about 20 minutes once!) but Not This time.

Our Waitress came with the Bill about a minute After We Asked for it!

Normally, they Charge for Extra Drinks, too... Wouldn't You Know It, NOT This Time!

We Weren't Even Charged for the Tea that I Ordered!


You may Use this Information and Testimonial For Your Benefit and Materials Any Time.

Thank You. Chris

Last edited by Dien Rice : August 27, 2019 at 05:16 PM. Reason: fixed formatting
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