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Old November 20, 2019, 06:40 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default Re: How to Find Big Munny Hidden In Small Biz Website #2

Thanks For Your Help Dien,

If You Like to Drive Around - Looking for MOOLAH Making Opportunities - Like ME.

This Face to Face Idea Might Be,
Your Cup of Tea.

As Promised.

I am SHOWING YOU some of the HIDDEN GOLD I See - Face to face when I am Shopping.

***NEXT Ezine - An Example of Making Munny from Home.
Doing FACE to Face FIRST
- Because
I Just Ate at a Restaurant tonight.

AND I AM GOING To SHOW You The 500K to 1 M*illion They are Sitting on. Blissfully BLIND.

Parking Lot.
Walls on the Back.
Glass on 3 sides.
Lots of Bolted down chairs and tables.
Big long Counter.
Huge Sign behind the counter. 100's of food choices.

Out of The MAGIC of 10 List...

A - They Already Spend Moolah on signs - all over

B - We see they are spending oodles on labor
And They Throw Away a LOT of Food.

C - The computer At the Cashier - Pops the Order up back at the kitchen Computer Screen.

D - The Tables and booths are Empty. (EZ to S*ell Advertising on a menu, Napkins, Placemat)

E - Glass windows are Blank.
(Sign for A Raffle to Bring New Prospects in the door.)
(Letter A is the idea You Give Away. To Get the Owner EXCITED
To P*ay you for MORE ideas.)

A - After The Girl took our order she Shut up.

McDonalds Trains it's staff to ask, "Do you want Fries with that?"

Since This biz is ALREADY comfy with Signs. And ALREADY give away some F-r-e-e Cold/Unappetizing Bread with a Large Chili order

They could Put up a Sign on C*ash Register That Says,

"ASK to Try a Sample of our
Fancy Italian Garlic Butter Bread Basket."

Low ball figure is that 500,000 people come thru this Restaurant a year. 3.99 for a Basket of (CAn't eat just one) Garlic Bread)
2.00 P*rofit a person = 1 M*illion Extra A year.

if 250,000 Buy that is 500K of Pure P*rofit.

If 100,000 B*uy - 200,000 Bucks straight to the bttm line.

The Girl at the counter Told us, "You Get Some F-r-e-e Bread with your Large Chili Bowl.

B - Only after I asked a Bunch of Questions did one of the Coeds - go into the
back. And put a sample of the Chili in a little cup
for me to Sample.

Big Moolah Idea - Put a badge on each girl that says,

"Ask me for a F-r-e-e Sample."

IF A Sample of Garlic Bread Makes 200Grand A Year.
A Sample of Chili Makes an Extra 100K
A Sample of 4 Kinds of Soup - Another 400K
AND YOU ONLY AGREE To Sample a Short List of (CAn't eat just one items)

Plus ONLY S*ample food items
that are High P*rofit .

C - Disneyland Restaurants use Computers to Send The CUSTOMERS NAME - Back to the Kitchen.
So All the Cooks Can Call the Customer BY NAME.

They do this because People SPEND MORE when you Call them
by name.

ASK and ENTER Customer name. Send back to Kitchen Computer. Print out a Name Tag to Put on Tray.
How to Get P*AID - Action Plan -

#1 - Get the names of the Managers of 2 or 3 Nearby Restaurants

#2 - When You Show The Hidden Munny Page to A Manager. Show Him Your Check-list that says,

"The Manager Who Makes
an Extra 100,000 FIRST - At
No Extra C*ost -
GETS THE IDEA To use Exclusively - For F-r-e-e.

#3 - YOU SAY, "Some Local Restaurants Just closed. So I Decided To SUPPORT Local Restaurants
by Sharing some Proven Ideas from Successful Restaurant owners Around the World.

a - I notice you Already use Signs - Would you Be Willing to TEST a Proven (McDonalds) Sign idea for an Hour?

b - I see you Already Serve a Fancy Gourmet Italian Garlic Bread.

c - One of The Girls Gave me a sample of Chili to try. And I bought it.

d - Would You Be Willing to Try Sampling A piece of Fancy Garlic Bread?

The Idea C*osts Nearly nothing to Try.

But look at the Math On This Page.

WHICH ONE of The Extra P*ROFIT Estimates
do you think Might Be Possible?

These ideas
With the other 3 Restaurant Owners Near you. NEXT.

The 1st One To Test One - Gets Exclusive
Use of that Proven idea.

YOU GET REWARDED for Boosting S*Ales, Right? Do You Want F*ree Couple Hundred GRAND or do I go Next door?"

THAT is ONE WAY to Do it.

But I Don't Do That.

Why Do it COLD TURKEY - When You Can WARM Things Up first?

Instead - I Attract the Restaurant Manager and owner over to ME By Flirt tipping the Waitresses, cooks. Entertaining them
by getting Them to CHOOSE -

Trump Dollar vs Lotto -
3 Stooges Dollar Vs Real 1.00 Bill.
1.00 Bill VS LED Flashing IceCube.

Of Proven Ideas to The Manager AFTER I Create TRUST with his or her Team. And Swap Ideas with The Manager too.


And I don't Take Credit for Each PROVEN idea.

(And while I am In Rapport with the Staff I ask Questions. And look around for The EASY HIDDEN MUNNY..)


VERY IMPORTANT to attach a Famous Restaurant owner or B*illionaire Chef to each idea.



(TWENTY FOUR HOURS Left in Our 48 Hour (MAKE EXTRA Moolah For Christmas S*ale)
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