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Old December 16, 2019, 09:16 AM
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Default Renegades and FCC.

One of the few clubs I did join in school was the Radio Club. From my early childhood of crystal radios, to HAM (Amateur Radio) to CB, the Radio Frequency was a fascination. The transistor was the big change in things and I had a secret source, OLSON ELECTRONICS, which came out of WW II surplus stuff and became one of the first electronic parts retailers in USA.

Anyhow, in Radio Club we learned how electrical charges could be regulated, amplified and broadcast, that was the sending part of it, but the signal still needed to be rec'd. So antennas were used.

One benefit, in my mind, of being a boomer is/was, there was a lot of skepticism about GOV'T, and of course, commies and reds, and all sorts of politics, and my father, a WW II veteran of the S. Pacific, was in a few Veteran Clubs playing fast pitch softball. I mention this only for background, because it was through these associations that I met the Olson Brothers and via my Aunt Nelle, had an early in with them and access to a lot of "junk" radio parts and pieces. At one time I probably had every Heath Kit type thing on the market, and would spend hours playing with and modifying things.

My Uncle Frank was a Ham Radio operator who had a 30 foot tower and the neighborhood knew when he as on the air, because all the TV antennas would pick up the interference.

OK, enough background, albeit, many of those early Radio Types were of a mindset the FCC, or any Gov't regulation was a scam against the people on behest of the rich. And if you do a historical study of Radio Waves, and Herbert Hoover, you'll see these old guys were right. Controlling the air waves was really never about PUBLIC INTEREST, it was about MONEY, as is often the case when new tech becomes fully developed.

In the USA, as in all countries, the Gov't CONTROLS the air waves for the good of the public. Yes? Of course they do. There were pirates at one time, but technology has allowed authorities to track down these forbidden signals and stamp out the pirates.

One fear about AI is that a thinking computer will hack into the air waves, and the satellites which resend the signals, and that is how the "robots" take over, a movie SkyNet type thing, (hello HAL).

The USA, is behind in 5G tech, but believe me, with so much money to be made, capitalism will play hard ball catch up, I suspect EVERY SCHOOL in America and Every Police Station, City Hall, Water tower...will have 5G towers within a decade. Because of the short range of the frequencies, there have to be so many more of them, and more satellites (E. Musk chomping at the bit) to fill the demand.

There is no doubt, that some radio waves can be used as weapons. There is a reason for that shield in your Microwave Oven, and with laser guided drones, and soon, maybe laser guided lasers or guided electronic radio weapons (known as DEW's, Directed Energy Weapon) and the 5G tech which is millimeter wave, have already been developed into weapons like an Active Denial System, which works like your microwave oven to heat the water in your body and creates pain, and would be used against crowds and rioters.
The point, for us Entrepreneur types, and those who want to cash in and do it in a non tech way, is to embrace the 5G marketplace and get your shops set up for clothing protection, all things anti 5G and let the tidal wave sweep you off to profits.

Aluminum hat at the ready.


PS. Like to tinker? Any given day you can find all kinds of motors, in vacuum cleaners, refrigs, freezers, cars...which have copper wire wrapped motors. You can find these on the curb or for free, and with a little work, you can create your own brand of custom made jewelry...and with some marketing savvy, get a hundred bux for your TENSOR ring jewelry, which you got for free. Not a bad mark up.

ALSO, when my father died, I had to cut off his cubit copper bracelet from his swollen wrist, he swore by it, and wore it for decades. His arthritis made him quit golf, until he made his "magic cubit" bracelet out of copper tubing he pounded and wove. He claimed a "magic" cubit was 25", which he cut into three equal lengths and wove them into a wrist bracelet. He added magnets later in life. I don't wear any, but, maybe now, I'll revisit the idea.

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon,


One of the Things That TRIGGERED me writing up my EMF Damage Prevention - Research so far.

Was a Speech Sponsored By AGORA.

The Speaker is a Silicon Valley investor - with a fantastic Track Record of picking Winners to invest in.

A - HE was Powerfully Endorsed on stage.

B - Credentials himself - then S*ELLS too hard.

C - So I looked around and Sure Enough - Agora was in the fine print at the bottom of the website.

He Is Starting a Newsletter or Ezine.

About The Emerging Companies to Invest in after 5G Changes the World.

Remember The "SURPRISE GIFT"
Many Direct Mail Catalogs used to offer?

This Speaker - Had a Table with A BLACK BOX on it.

Well into the Presentation he Pulled a Phone out of the "SURPRISE BOX".

A 5G Phone.

Then said, "But This is not The REASON WHY you have to Junk Your Phone in 2020. Here is the Important part of the New 5G Phones."

HE held up a tiny square of Gold.

1/4 inch by 1/4 inch EMF Chip.

THAT is The Gizmo sending out The DNA damaging Magnetic and EMF radio Waves.

In Israeli Tests - 4G phones are already causing
Jaw and Lymph node Cancer.

Gawd only knows what a 100 TIMES Stronger 5G will do.


P.S. - It SHOULD be fun to Watch 5G phone owners Talk to AVATARS in the air.
And actually ENTER games like Fortnite without an Avatar.

Scan yourself - Jump in yourself.


3-D movies.

JAMES CAMERON - is doing 5 AVATAR movies - using a new 3-D Technology he invented or Improved.

The guy is Smart.

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