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Old April 19, 2020, 12:54 PM
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Default Update talk of GJA-SQ1 about M O N E Y, the financial path.

Just as I did 20 years ago, I'll start with money, it is the easiest thing to illustrate and today, something many will be needing as the crisis continues.


You will see the 5 ARENAS. These are also called lanes on a highway, or paths, or rings of a circus, whichever feels right for you...and they represent the five areas where we live out our lives. TheIy are:


You see these under CHOSEN (bottom middle). Your experiences, the daily events, are of two kinds. Random, as in accidents and illness and chosen as in you making a decision.

In the middle on the lifeline, we see your results are the outcomes of the choices you make.

The big thing most forget is, they have willingly SURRENDERED their choices if they are EMPLOYEES.

99% of employees ASK for the job, they say in effect, pick me, pick me not the other guy. Rarely we are recruited, but it does happen depending on your skills, but even then, if you accept the JOB you agree to give up many of your choices.

You are told where and when to work, (they control your enviroment).
You have agreed to a PAY (they control your finances {re the job})
You have rules and regulations to obey.
You may have a supervisor.

But as I said, many unhappy people have forgotten how and why they are in the "pickle" of a job...B E C A U S E... you asked to be there.

IF you don't like your job, it is time to give it to someone else. And that is often much easier said than done, eh?

Here is the financial PictoGrigm

This is the old, albeit, good enough, version. I am updating this to include some online things too.

But on this PictoGrigm of Finances, you see there are SOURCES of $ and

If you are an employee, getting a paycheck, then TAXES are automatically deducted (although, maybe not enough)...if self employed, Taxes SHOULD be the first point of distribution. Anyhow, we all know about TAXES. On this PicltoGrigm we see a list of the SOURCES.

At the top, first thing, is WORK. All of us understand work as most of us have jobs. Again, if you have a JOB, if you are an employee, you probably asked for and/or ACCEPTED THE JOB with all the restrictions which came with it.
Lets take a look at some other sources.

We see grants and loans. TODAY, during the Covid-19 Crisis, BILLIONS of dollars were gone in minutes as the SBA gave out loans. Another round is coming. Loans have to be paid back, GRANTS don't.

We see legacies, talents, winnings (as in lottery, contests, etc.), ownership, actually, a decent list of possible SOURCES OF INCOME.

On the PictoGrigm you see the X where you are today, and then the "pit of life" is ahead of you. Your future could be one of abundance or accumulation OR it could be one scarcity and frustration.

Your future OUTCOMES, will be determined by the control over the CHOICES you make today.

That pretty much sums up the GJA-SQ1 in general. They are TOOLS which help you to make the

which will lead you to the



So, if you today, be it because of your business or your job, if you are feeling financial stress, then you have to make decisions about your future and maybe have to make some adjustments too.

We all hope for a quick resolution to the C-19 Crisis, and a return to normalcy...but it should serve as a wake up call to anyone who was sailing along and suddenly, in a matter of a month or two, have found themselves dead in the water with finances looming large overhead.

NOW, be glad to answer any questions you may have about this FINANCIAL PICTOGRIGM or about the GJA-SQ1 in general.

They are TOOLS, how you use them is entirely up to you.

Gordon Jay Alexander

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gor

The future could be scary... Or it could be quite wonderful...

One way I look at it when bad things happen is... it's a reminder to appreciate and cherish the good things, to be grateful for them.

If you're isolating at home... It makes you appreciate your freedom.

If all the restaurants and cafes are closed (as they are where I am)... It makes you appreciate it when you could eat out at a restaurant or hang out at a cafe.

If you can't meet in person with your friends and family... It makes you appreciate them, and also appreciate modern technology which lets you talk to them, even by video, whenever you want...

All change can potentially be great (even in a tragedy)... because it also means new opportunities.

But... you can't be naive. Be prepared for what could be ahead... Even over-prepared. If you're well prepared, you won't need to worry too much...

- Dien

P.S. Of course, the SQ1 (Gordon's Square One Workshops) is in itself good preparation!

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