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Old July 13, 2020, 11:41 AM
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Default Triggers, trip wires and timing. Secret shortcuts to instant brain invasions...

Roses are red, and yellow too
Violets are bluish
Rabbits for stew.

(Thanks to Glenn Osborn)...

Thanks Glenn, spent the weekend pouring over scores of notebooks, old promotions, looking for NLP, and other secret shortcuts...

And VOILA, found a few.

Most I knew. But forget a lot. Nothing new.

Does anyone make use of all their knowledge? I wonder how much we forget to use, something we studied and learned many years ago, but for lack of attention, we let it slip slide into the storage area of our minds.

Could be...

more studies on influence and behavior the last 4 years since the shocking election for POTUS, which caught many in the world flat footed and shaking their heads, than in forever.

I think I've read 10 books on the psychology of that election,
on our groups,
and on group think, influencing the masses, etc.,

and all that jazz. And I confess, I've been thrown off my game lately.

Especially in the real world, where suddenly, for some reason, people are talking to me, approaching me, and telling me what I should or should not be doing.

I wear a mask into the store, get confronted by an Ex Marine, who curses and tries to intimidate me.

A woman yells at me for feeding the squirrels in a little park, she claims I am making it dangerous for other people, cause the little tree rats are now approaching people. (Although any motion, raising of your voice, scares them off, I mean, they are squirrels).

A guy starts telling me what is wrong with the Browns. I've already retired any red hats, got rid of Chief Wahoo caps, put my Navy hats up on the shelf, I guess that leaves the green one, until I get called a tree hugger.

These little confrontations have caught me off guard, I'm normally quicker with a quip, better able to take control of the situation, better skilled at influence and persuasion...yet.

yet I have forgotten TO USE, what I know.

So, a little self examination, a perusal of a lifetime of notes and a deep dive into the workings of the human brains...and a prompt from Glenn Osborn who is only one of two marketers who really promote (openly) the use of NLP in their marketing campaigns. The other is Harlan Kilstein, whose course on the subject I bought when it first came out.

I think I just reject the NLP name, but I fully endorse and understand the psychology, see, the letters N L P are a trigger to my own bias and prejudices.

Whereas manipulation, persuasion, influence, salesmanship don't really carry any given connotation for me, NLP produces a knee jerk, click-whirr negative reaction, maybe because I don't really care for those guys who came up with it.

But personal prejudice aside (is there any other kind?) KNOWING, and USING nlp methods can be a very good thing for your bank account.

But long before there was an NLP, there were many tomes on getting inside someone's head, for our own purposes.

Rich sources were books on selling, and those fringe "psychic energy" books too.

By doing this review, I was reminded how I came up with the PREOCCUPATIONAL INTERRUPTERS, and that whole formula, which deals with the State of Mind at the intersection of you (or your words) and them.

One of my favorites was Frank Rudolph Young, aka Mike Marvel, a very interesting Chicago chiropractor and author of some pretty strange books.

Any old whoo... reminding myself of Stimulus/Response, and by analyzing my own responses to this outside stimuli, and gauging my reactions...I knew I could do better.

But one of the bigger personal benefits for me, was in the discovery of some scribblings in a notebook, where it seems I had come up with some succinct shortcuts and reminders about all of it.

And a couple of those ideas, are found in the subject header here...triggers, trip wires and timing. AND, how to use them in remote situations, to make more sales, which inspired me to do a little bit of copywriting, which has rust on it, my skills that is, but won't take long to shed the rust.

Even better, were some of the SECRETS of face to face, person to person, direct into the brain of the other guy, on how to shoot arrows directly to the target area which I need to influence. And I am even more rusty on those, but today's climate is giving me an excellent opportunity to test, try and tune into the techniques which work.

Between Harry Houdini and Bob Cialdini
twixt Barnum and Bailey Rd.
Elmer one and Elmer also...

Napoleon Hill and Buffalo Bill
Robert Collier, Elmer Gantry
Bob Hope and rope a dope

Filled my larder and pantry.
Harvey Brody, Joe Karbo too
Melvin Powers and Fred Felice,
even got schooled by my niece.

All these lessons to apply,
try to remember the reason why, and
know the reactions I want, then pull off the
amazing stunt.

Or a do a little side step,
or razzle dazzle slide,
tapping on their lizard brains
whilst a country glide.

Yes, we are living in interesting times, and now, more than ever, it may behoove us to remember our lessons, to apply what we have learnt, to make things better, to be part of the solution and not more of the problem.

So, I hope to
trigger the good in all that I can
to trip the light fantastic even standing still

to time my responses after considered thought.

And to use what I know, what I can do, to help as many as I can.

Hopefully not too many mind my bank account gets a little fuller too, do you?


PS. I've been a tad frustrated with the world of "Copywriters", but that is my problem, better I use my skills, than try to help others develop theirs.


Last edited by GordonJ : July 13, 2020 at 02:34 PM.
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