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Old June 13, 2022, 09:57 AM
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Default Over the years, one thing that has bothered me is...

Why are so many people like my Uncle Frank, who as my dad said, "would rather climb a tall tree and tell a lie than stay on the ground and tell the truth"...

Only in Biz/Money Making, WHY do we all get involved in the SLOP & MESS (my fav. Harvey Brody concept).

Once it was pointed out to me by Harvey circa 2008 or so, I changed directions and saw how much I was creating my own problems.

And How SO MUCH of biz and making money was way OVER complicated, and after listening to Harvey's SLOP AND MESS audio for about 1001 times, I came away with the idea of eliminating as much of it as I could.

Then things got much easier and more moolah with less effort arrived too.

I think it is human want to complicate things, to make them more difficult than need be. When Harvey "taught"/told me about selling products which didn't need copywriting, it was a major light bulb and I saw an entire industry in a different light.

90% of all so-called GREAT copywriting, were for products which needed to be sold, and in fact, there are so many more just laying around which need not be sold, just presented without the need for "salesmanship in print", well, that makes life so much easier for a marketer.

So, eBay is great, I was an early adopter, my third or fourth Avatar on it, the same as today, has just a handful of transactions, because after the HB "slop and mess" idea,

I saw the slop and mess.

Nothing wrong with it, if you want to do it. If you want to sell tchotchkes and knick knacks, and wrap them up, send them off, and all that...GREAT, do what you love to do.

I understand why we tend to busy ourselves in low return activity, the idea of doing something is akin to buying a book, or course and never finishing it, or ever APPLYING the lessons learned. It is ours.

It sits on our shelf in our Man/Marketer/Bat caves, and we can say we OWN it, we know it, we have it...and that is a market unto itself too.

But, when someone, anyone, takes the time to ask simple questions, and can take a step back, unless they are in their own quicksand or muck...if they can not face the future witout desperation...they could see clearly how much needless and useless LOW RETURN motion they do.

In Harvey Brody speak, the higher gears do most of the work, and eliminates as much of the daily attention/hands-on-labor (as required by eBay for example)...then when that realization takes place, you no longer want to remain in low level return activity.

There are better ways to do it.

And the fact, almost every successful Internet Marketer as well as many of the LEGENDS of Remote Direct Marketing have information for sale...well, it is a high level ROI, and one which has some of the least amounts of slop and mess for making dough.

Also, why list 50, 100 little items, when one can list ONE item which has the 300 to 500 dollar profit in it, for free on Facebook marketplace groups???

Oh well.

As long as you are happy with your day, how you spend your time and are satisfied with the return on your time profts, all is well in the world, eh?


Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gordon,

I too like "information"...

One great thing about information is... You can use or sell it multiple times...

Something posted in a forum can also be sent out in an email (or vice versa), it can be posted on Twitter or Facebook, it can be put in a report and sold, or stuck in an online course...

You're absolutely right about needing to calculate your time... Many people don't do that (and I sometimes forget too)!

Awesome post about an important subject!

- Dien

P.S. Uh... selling blood? Some do it, but... well, not for me...

P.P.S. Jokes can be reused too...

Here's one of my favorite passages in a story, that always makes me chuckle... (especially the last sentence.)

An example of humor, though not reused...!
There was a little old man driving, and his little old wife was screaming at him. They were lost. They didn't know which way to turn. And in all the confusion, the guy just stopped. I asked where he was going, and then I received an amazing answer.

He said, "I don't know. I can't remember."

Well, it's kind of hard to give directions to someone who is clueless as to the destination. Isn't it?

I directed him to a little parking lot up Howe Rd., a sewing machine repair shop, and then I ran after him. The crowds were cheering and waving at me. Many with just one finger.
That was written, of course, by Gordon Alexander...
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