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Old July 23, 2022, 01:20 AM
Dien Rice Dien Rice is offline
Onwards and upwards!
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Default This is a barreling locomotive, changing all in its path...

Hi Gordon,

I haven't fully thought through this yet, but...

Artificial intelligence is big, and just going to get bigger...

It's a barreling locomotive, changing everything in its path...

Some people are already creating various websites, using artificial intelligence software to write all the articles...

BUT... Google doesn't like it.

They were getting great search engine ranking... until, it seems, Google can now "detect" articles written with AI software...

And those websites suddenly went down in rankings, or were delisted from Google altogether...

Here's one SEO expert's video about it...

Google Warns Against Using AI Generated Content

But... there may be a day when Google won't be able to tell if an article was written by AI software, or by a real human...

Will AI writing software replace copywriters?

I think it already can replace "basic" copy... But, at the "higher echelons" of copy, I don't think it can (and maybe never will)...

AI is also getting better and better at "art"...

For example, you can enter "an astronaut riding a horse in a photorealistic style," and a few seconds later you get a picture like this...

To get a graphic designer or other artist to create an image like that could take an hour or even several hours...

You can see more details of what present-day AI software can do, here...

There's speculation that this technology could put a lot of graphic designers and other visual artists out of work...

Here's an article about it...

The AI Battle Rages On

How can we benefit from it?

Still working on it!

- Dien

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

I linked to this because it has a good Gravy Train explanation.

And my idea is, get on the tracks and let the Gravy Train run you over.

In addition to Sports Betting, and eSports betting in particular, what are some of the other GRAVY TRAINS pulling out of the station?

Well, in USA, the 2024 Elections. Lots of gravy for marketers, printers, speech writers, and for info guys/gals, lots of LISTS to build on too.
Pretty easy to get politicos on lists, just blow the dog whistle and they com a running. Once you have them on a list, sell stuff, you know what they want.

But what else? Here is a trend. Netflix going down, down, and down.

The top of the roller coaster ride is over for Netflix, and honestly, they deserve it...hard to watch content.

Many are opting out, if it weren't for a couple of hits, like Stranger Things, they would be dead in the water already.

One new concern is the trending ATTENTION DEFICIT of a generation.

Who has time to binge hours of crappy tv? As younger people take over, Hollywood will see a rise in SHORT MOVIE productions. The two hour movie, may get shrunk to 45 mins.

See, they went the other direction with streaming, Stranger Things, is a 10 hour movie. WestWorld is also a long movie serialized.

Soon, streaming will see huge upticks in short movie watchers.
Not yet interactive, that test hasn't worked, people don't want to work for the content, so don't put all your money in interactive or Metaverse type futures, just yet...although it is coming down the track, only moving at a very slow speed.

Gravy Train of VACA, the come cool down vacation is on the way. See more and more Northern resorts, tiny villages and cool retreats, especially in Summer...think upper Mich, MN, Wisconsin, Maine...with some mountains and a cool lake, more and more families will want to escape the heat, and we're just beginning an extended heat wave.

Again, tools to miners thinking, a special report on the coolest PLACES to vaca, where to take your family when its too hot to go outside.

And along with that REAL ESTATE trends, more Montana, WY, Dakotas, land grabs, small villages springing up out of nowhere, small cities in the West will be a hot spot for RE investors too.

Gravy Train of LATE Boomers, Baby boomers are in two parts, WW2, from 1946 to 1957, and from 57 to 64

The difference was the DRAFT, latter day boomers didn't face going to war via conscription, and so their mindsets are different, but their sons and daughters are now into the 40s and 50s, and that is a NEW market, courtesy of the Parade of Life, of all things pain relief, body and mind, so get ready to recycle, they have money to spend.

What are some Gravy Trains you see heading our way?


Last edited by Dien Rice : July 23, 2022 at 01:31 AM.
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