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Old August 25, 2022, 07:50 PM
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Default Part two.

The problem up front, is choosing the right one to follow. And here is where Gurus and copywriting, influence and persuasion come into play. I have many time written about first love.

A good example, college student really likes her professor, who is an English Literature guy, specializing in Shakespeare...The second favorite is an American Literature, who dresses up like Mark Twain.

Chances are at grad time, her degree will be in English lit. On the Internet, we see it as first Guru love. Take Copywriting. If Gary Halbert is your first experience and you resonate with his style, and his sons group appeals to you...even if Dan Kennedy or Jay Abraham might be a better fit, you will stay with your first love and become a Gary guy.

If the first Gary is V. Vaynerchuk, or Grant Cardone, and one of those resonate with you...or if you are a woman, and encounter Joanna Penn first before you run into Marcia Yudkin, or Becky Matter. The tendency is to follow, and spend your money with your first love. See?

Not the best examples, I grant you, but they work for my purpose today.

Professor Cialdini tells us this is commitment and consistency. Once we commit to follow someone, we tend to stay the course unless an outside force knocks us off path...which I often try to do. Only because, too many people are really not fitted for their first loves. And the love is blind idea is true when we follow people just as much as it is in "real" love, whatever that might be.

But if you take the time to assess yourself, then take some time to sample the buffet, tasting here and there, before piling your fav on your plate, you may find something, or someone which is a better fit for you for your journey.

We want to look at amounts of money and number of transactions. A very popular relatively new Facebook group is NOTHING HELD BACK, and the guy there, wrote an outstanding book; AUTOMATIC CLIENTS and Nothing Held back is one of the fastest growing facebook groups.

Alen teaches BIG BACKENDS. Ba Donk a donk. Uh, er, a big ticket item, maybe 10k or more and that is how one builds a profitable business fast.

So it is easier to understand, the higher the price, the fewer sales you need to get more money...or the more sales you make, the more moolah you get.

Take small yachts. These sell from 1 to 5 million dollars. Just big boats really, not a real yacht when compared to Tiger's or an NFL owner.

But if you are selling small yachts at least 1 million, with a 5% profit, and your goal is 150k a year, you only need move 3 of them in the year...a lot of time for sailing around the world finding more of them to sell.

Your income potential is then, sort of set up by what you want to sell and how many you need to exchange to hit your goals. Selling jets, yachts or even Islands in the Caribe...has bigger TRANSACTION amounts than selling little reports for 7 bux.

Going back to SQ1, what you want and why...if your goal/dream is millions of dollars, you are going to have a hard time getting there selling little reports, even if you have a nice back end offer.

Now, this is mostly about starting a business and where it differs in just making some dang money, is the follow up, back ends, lifetime value, although there is a lot to be said for one off sales too.

One off of a Yacht, might be enough for the year. Sell one island or house for 35 million, and that might give you a nice payday too.

One off sales, or exchanges are handy in GETTING WORKING CAPITAL. Flipping 3 cars, legal in most states without a dealers license, with 1k profit each would give you 3k working capital. Selling 20 dollar Tee Shirts is going to take you quite some time to get there.

The one off route is a good choice for those who just want to make some dang money, and whether you sell a camping cot, chair as I just did for a few bux, or sell a car/RV/boat for 1k profit, you can recirculate that money into bigger and bigger profits.

We had a guy in town who flipped heavy equipment, cats and graders and the occassional fire engine for tens of thousands of dollars. A lot of people chatteling corporate property for some juicy cash in the pocket.

We have assessments. Personal, to see what we might like to do...then more business/money making assessments too.

Bigger ticket (price) = fewer sales needed. Lower price, more sales.

One off requires a constant stream of replacement, whereas a business usually can source or create.

Acquisition and Creation.

I know. For some of you, all of this old rehashed Gordonesque stuff. I know, but if it has no value for you, by all means, go get caught up on House of the Dragon or something.

You can create, or you can acquire the stuff you want to bring to the market.

We (Dien and I) have often advocated a combo, do a bit of both...create, which we both have done, and acquire which we have also done.

I'm not sure there is a perfect % combination, but having both as revenue streams has helped us both over the long haul.

If you are creative by nature, you'll tend to want to lean this way, but I advise you to consider adding some acquisitions to your game too.

My friend Phyllis made lovely wire jewelry and had displays in beauty shops, she was able to add rings, necklaces and bracelets made by others to her displays all on consignment. She added profit without any additional expenses.

What I want to do during this week long rant, is to go over a lot of the ideas we've shared, implemented and tested here for the last 22 years, hoping some of you may find it useful.

Just the simple idea, of CONSIGNMENT, as Phyllis got when she had a beauty shop display her work, and as it also worked for her offering other people's stuff, the shop got, say 15%, and She got 15% of the other stuff.

This IDEA, THE consignment concept is alive and well in 2022. I can walk out my front door and within 5 minutes, find beautiful art work placed on consignment. In fact, in downtown Cuyahoga Falls, there are at least a half dozen shops with consignment stuff.

Yet, in the realm of Internet Marketing, you hardly hear any of these offline methods discussed. Of course, we love IM, we embrace it, Dien and I both have several web sites, almost all for the purpose of having additional revenue streams at work.

If she were alive today, Phyllis would be a superstar on etsy, she passed just as that platform was being set up.

If you are an artist, DO YOUR ART, and if you want to rely on it for income too, then there has never been a better time in history to share your art with the world.

But, if like me, not one artistic bone in your body, then I would have to ACQUIRE art to offer to customers, unless then want my crayon on construction paper artwork that even mommy refused to hang on the fridge...then I got a big box of Crayolas.

More to come.

Last edited by GordonJ : August 25, 2022 at 08:40 PM.
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