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Old August 26, 2022, 11:46 AM
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Default Part 3 foundations and frameworks.

Foundations are what you build your framework upon.

Since 1985, I've watched ONLINE morph into the greatest thing ever invented, the INTERNET (subject to much debate, of course).

And I've seen thousands of marketers WIN, and make it big, make it small and many who have decades like Dien and I do. And of course, a lot of losers too.

Back in the last century, near the end, the DOT COM implosion happened, and for sure, that was to be the end of this novel idea. Not exactly, eh?

For this post, I'll try to stay in the present, TODAY, now, and take a look at the models of foundations and frameworks.

In a recent post, I stated there are Parade of Life foundations which we can use to build a framework around.

In that example, I showed that the boom in novelty products sold to the baby boomers in those HappY Days of the 1950's was a form of appeasement of the children.

Dien has a toddler in the house, his wonderful journey is near the beginning, whereas my mid 30's kids are "appeased" in a much different way.

But as to the money making/business discussion...and FOUNDATIONS....

Take Gerber's Baby Food, they own over 60% of the baby food market, it has a Parade of Life (pol) FOUNDATION: Babies.

Johnson and Johnson might take over with Toddlers, with shampoo, baby oil, powder...or actually they share the baby, but J&J stays with the kid a bit longer.

Crayola has a POL Foundation on crayons, and now, all things coloring.

These Parade of LIFE (POL) foundations can be seen throughout the lifelines of many generations. Or, they can be seen as EVERGREEN markets, and within those are niches.

Take Magic (Millard). Still today, a rite of passage for 8-12 year olds is a magic kit, it has been a staple TOY item for over a century.

Or little Princess costumes are as Evergreen as they get and the likes of DISNEY, and 1001 toy companies, exploit the FOUNDATION of childhood want/need...and the ADULT desire to APPEASE those wants and needs.

See? Making any sense yet?

My older brother started driving at 10, literally a little Fiat in our back yard. I was never interested in driving, or cars, or mechanics. In fact, I was 24 and out of the Navy before I drove a standard stick shift, although, that is what my father and brother drove and what all the cars we had were.

I drove an automatic, just not interested in all that work of shifting.

However, AUTOS and all things automotive are one of the largest market places in the world. TODAY, the demand for mechanics is high, and as more and more of a recession appears, we'll see people holding on a bit longer to their used cars...although right now, not much recession in New Auto sales.

As I understand it, the DEMAND IS THERE, however, supply side, and chip shortages, etc., are apparently going to show lower sales figures than during the Pandemic.

But TRANSPORATION IS a huge market. Autos are a huge market. Both huge foundations to build upon.

So a high school kid today, who wants to be an auto mechanic is probably going to be better off in the future than his class mate who goes to college and becomes a high school English teacher.

They are building their futures on different FOUNDATIONS.

Many of the biggest foundations are seen in Maslow's Pyramid of Needs. Food. Clothing. Shelter...MONEY, all the way up to self actualization, whatever that means.

Dien and I chose the foundation of Money/Business to build Seeds Of Wisdom upon. It was a topic we both had some passion and interest in. I've been involved in the Business Opportunities Market for over half a century. Starting a business, making money, investments are a POL foundation...

Selling Information Products is one of the FRAMEWORKS we use.

Using the Wikipedia definition: Framing, in construction, is the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape. Framing materials are usually wood, engineered wood, or structural steel.

In marketing or making money or in business it is the fitting together of PIECES TO GIVE A STRUCTURE SUPPORT AND SHAPE.

My go to Framework for money has been


The old, tried, tested to the tune of a few BILLION dollars, NPGS formula as postulated by Ben Suarez.

I've yet to uncover a better framework for making money. If you have one, please share.

Over the many decades, no matter what FOUNDATION (MARKET) I may have been working in, those four components came into play and were useful in building any business or money making ventures around.

Sometimes, we start with product, because that is in Chatteling, or buying and selling, starting with our own junk in the basement, attic, garage and storage bins.

Other times, we start with the PROSPECT. I can argue a case for either side, it really doesn't matter, although I think, most of the time PROSPECT first is an easier route to travel, or faster one.

22 years ago, on a veranda overlooking the crooked river, I told Dr. Rice I wanted him to do all the work, and I'll just make the money...and he agreed.

Well, I just wanted to CREATE or write some reports (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, take that George W.) .

And 22 years and over 100 scribblings later, here we be.

From different perspectives it could be argued that my foundation was WRITING. And my framework was either HOTSHEETS or Specialty Reports. I wouldn't have a problem with that perspective.

Another foundation beneath my money grubbing was CHATTELING, or buying and selling personal and corporate property. The framework was the step by step SPRINT TO FREEDOM found in recirculating the cash into higher priced items and building networks.

Another foundation I've built on was SELLING, as documented in Spiders, Snakes and Mice, OH MY. Through the many sales jobs I've held

Combine the foundations of selling and writing, I guess we might come up with salesmanship in print, and although I've never ran ads or promoted myself as a "copywriter", those two skills combined made me an in demand commodity, albeit, a pretty expensive one at that.

I'll pause at this point of my RANT for the week, to see if there any questions or other comments on all this so far.

If you want some specifics, I might be able to come up with a few cool stories, and I've known some pretty interesting characters too.


Save here.

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