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Old August 30, 2022, 12:32 PM
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Default Part 5 Relationships continued.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post


I have to tread lightly here, my drift might get political, and Dr. Rice does not care for his forum to take on political, I'll do my best to avoid being too overt with my righteous indignation toward politicos of all persuasions.

But, young men...the INCELS. I think they are one of the most dangerous groups of people or CULTS, we have living loudly among us.

A dictionary definition has incels as: young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually, typically associated with views that are hostile toward women and men who are sexually active.

Well, that is OK as it is, but my lifetime experience, says that "men who are HOSTILE toward women", come in all ages, sizes and shapes.

But the self proclaimed ENTITLED Incels are dangerous because of their loud and public stance and Internet groups.

These are guys who can't get laid, but feel they DESERVE to have sex and it is the woman who is to blame.

BLAME is a topic I can rant on for the rest of the week, it is at the root of many of societies ills, including political, International and personal problems.

If any of you are also students of Persuasion and Influence and are familiar with Blair Warren (I'm big on his FORBIDDEN PERSUADERS work) might recognize his one sentence idea:

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

It is an oversimplification of a much deeper understanding of human behavior but it is the ROCKS at the enemy part I alluded to.

BLAME is the opposite side of Responsibility, which might be a bigger PANDEMIC than any "germ" warfare we must deal with. We live in the age of ENTITLEMENT, and that is across the board, around the world and is NOT limited to any political or any other appears to be generational.

Although, I know a boat load full of Old people who are the most entitled group there is, especially old white people with money...however, race, creed nor ethnicity doesn't really matter...almost all OLD people with money have a sense of entitlement...and maybe they actually earned it.

Anyhow, we can now see this sense of Entitlement, as INCELS believe, through the eyes of Young professional athletes. Hard to go a day without someone from the NFL, NBA, MLB being charged or sued over a sex act.

Are there millions of young men who feel that they should be entitled to sex?

Odd thing in today's culture, isn't sex just a swipe away? A lot to be said for legalizing sex workers in places other than Nevada...I mean, after all, the show and movie was a hit (TEXAS HAS A WHORE HOUSE IN IT)...

ANYWHOO...Who I don't like isn't helpful or relative, and although I call it a rant, I will rein myself in. WHOA there Gordon, Whoa.

As for romatic/love/even brief sexual does NOT require hidden persuaders, NLP secret techniques, hypnosis or any other is very simple actually...


Oh gosh, just saved someone a few thousand dollars, now you don't have to attend that seminar with all the other losers to learn how to manipulate your self into some unsuspecting girl's underwear. YIKES, probably going to get blasted from the PUA crowd.

What do you offer? If looking for love, a life partner, romantic long term relationship, what do you OFFER to them? See?

A few years back an up and coming Marketer/Copywriter announced he was going to manifest his perfect wife, at the top of HIS list, she had to have big boobs. A bosom of substance, a gigantic rack...and I felt sad/sick at the time for his future wife, whom he has since found...and he and his twin copywriting "brother" have had some success. And all that with time...just do something continuously for a period of time until a whole new part of the parade passes by, and VOILA, YOU BECOME the expert/god/guru or cult leader.

At least he knew what he was looking for.

The thing is, that all Pick Up "Artists (HA!)" including the Incels of today, is that they fail to realize that RELATIONSHIPS are two sided.

Gone are the days of Game of Thrones, when fathers could marry off their 12 year old daughters to gain a political advantage. The Incels and PUA folk, think only of their entitlements, their wants, their own selfish needs.

And as far as it goes, it works the same in business relationships, or Joint Ventures or partnerships...BOTH sides bring something to the table.

So, to sum up my rant on the RELATIONSHIP part of it all...

when you begin to make your relastionships mutually beneficial, then you will find all of them take a turn for the better.

Continue to Want/NEED for your own self...and, well, you get what you sow.


Save here.

Last edited by GordonJ : August 30, 2022 at 12:42 PM.
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