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Old November 13, 2022, 02:10 AM
Dien Rice Dien Rice is online now
Onwards and upwards!
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Default Hunters vs farmers...

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for sharing this!

I'm trying out your "keywords" method... I think it could "revolutionize" the way I write - especially "longer" reports...

I have no problem writing shorter pieces... It's the longer ones I've tended to have trouble with. My best approach so far is to write longer pieces as a series of shorter pieces, then stick them together...

I tried the Eugene Schwartz 33.33 min "block" Pomodoro technique... Like you, I found 33.33 mins a bit long. I then modified it to 20 min "blocks"...

However, if I get into "the zone" - or "hyperfocus" - I can go for a while...

But now, I like "switching" between different projects even more...

This post of yours was another "great" one... It's been added to my own personal archive of great posts!

I fully believe in the "hunter" vs. "farmer" theory of ADD/ADHD... Which is why it doesn't worry me, personally.

The way I see it - you have some advantages, and some disadvantages... If you "play" it right, you can end up with a very interesting life!

I expect my daughter probably has ADD/ADHD (she's still a bit young to be able to easily tell)... I think this because she has two parents who have it (in my non-clinical assessment)!

However... it doesn't worry me... though she may need to learn strategies to make the most of her "gifts"...

Best wishes,


Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
'Thanks Dien.

There is a difference in hunting for sport (deer, duck, etc.) than in hunting for food, where if you didn't bring home the bacon, no dinner for you.

We of the ADD/ADHD family, make good hunters for food, because we notice small movements, sounds, have a higher sensory alert...not so great as hunters, sitting for hours in a blind, trying to remain motionless and not fidget.

So, we tend to be good with eating and having meals, not so good with heads to hang on the wall or down for the pillows.

Before I was even diagnosed, I knew I had to focus for short bursts of time, and to switch activities quite often, and my many jobs reflect that, those in a chair were short lived, whereas, when freely moving around, I did OK (still not great).

NOW, also a family ADD trait, is we can get lost in a project and hours, maybe even days go by. There's a bit of a manic in us too.

My attention span is about 22 mins. I can't quite make it to the Schwartz 33.33. When I get the two minute warning, I start bullet points, akin, in IM lingo to Keywords for when I come back to it, there is an unfinished sentence, with keywords for thoughts I didn't want to lose. Over time, this habit makes it very easy to slip quickly back into your flow and train of thought.

As you test, keep an eye on your sweet spot, it may be more than 33 or less than 22. Once you get that fidgety feel, make note, that would be a good time to write key thoughts out and move on to next.

It is like playing with your daughter, it is fun, you get lost in it, but if it is closing on nap time, you don't want to kick her excitable self fifteen mins before, you wind down with a sit still story time, hypnotize her.

Of course this theory, my #2 I had to literally walk around for an hour every evening or we were in for a long night.

Anyhow, set your important, must finish work up to match your time, or circadians, I get more done in the AM, although I tend to be a night bird...when on deadline, I get into my Clayton Makepeace mode (he used to get up at 4 am)...and start an earlier schedule.

Once you have your sweet spot, and habit, count on it being broken and interrupted, which is why my masterpiece, now 5 times longer than War and Peace, with only 15 min a day for, only, 30+ years. Another 5 and I'll be ready to edit.

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