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Old November 16, 2022, 09:10 AM
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Default Re: Secrets. Ready to spill my guts, clean up on Aisle Gordo

Originally Posted by Millard Grubb View Post

As usual, you explain more in a few paragraphs than an entire college course in just about everything you touch. In addition, you make it simple to understand the whole avatar concept... by just taking a look at ourselves !

This "Looking in the mirror" simplifies a whole host of questions and gives valuable direction for those of us who are information marketers.

This brings up the notion that we should stick to what we know.


MY opinion: 75% of the marketers I know, need to pivot away from what they are doing.

That could be controversial, if we had a ton of viewers here, and allow me to explain what I mean.

In over 30 years of dealing directly with Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers, most create their own little mouse race; maybe having escaped the RAT race they once were in, now they are trapped in their own little world and the treadmill may not have as many people around it...

BUT IT IS A TREADMILL, just the same.

I am NOT saying to Abandon anything, but today, all of us, ME included, need to pivot to automation, software solutions, less people involved, less moving parts and less slop and mess.

Millard, I really am just an old record, and many folks have heard it, but sometimes, someone actually HEARS it.

When I made a conscious CHOICE away from Work (Werk?!!) for money to work for TIME, everything changed. My eyes were opened to Maximum Money in Minimum Time, the title of at least 3 different books I've read.

I like the concept. BUT, what is max money, and how much time is minimum?

Part two of that is, what do you do with the EXCESS money, the dough above and beyond living expenses, and here is where many create more work for themselves. THINGS. I made a conscious effort to NOT spend money on things. I was like Marty Kondo, not Marie, who didn't buy the stuff she would later see as clutter.

I like electronics, so a computer and all those gizmos were OK, but all the things I had or thought I wanted, fell by the wayside.

Again, not saying this is for anyone else, just as background.

If you want someTHING, NEVER get it on credit or terms, CASH ONLY. Hard concept to follow. But if anyone wants someTHING, then make the moolah first, then get it. A pretty tough discipline to follow.

Today, another opinion, Alen Sultanic is the best online marketer to learn from and follow, and his basic advice, which I have been giving for 30 years too is...MAKE OFFERS. Have something to sell.

Insurance companies use the term, IN FORCE, meaning the current state of an alive policy, one that is being paid or is paid up.

I borrow this term to offers, AND my initial question for people I work with is; what do you currently have in force? In the market? What are you selling?

To whom?

And WHY?

You are an ENTERTAINER. And you entertain via Magic.
You may be an Educator, also teaching by Magic.
As a marketer, you would need to have your magic knowledge IN FORCE, working for you. I think that is what you are doing now, right?

When you look in the mirror, do you not see decades of successful shows under your belt? A face that knows how to Entertain, but in order to be either an Educator or Entertainer, you have to have...


And that is the same as the TRAFFIC question too.

WHO is going to see the show? Where, when? (INTERSECTION).

And for most all Entertainers in the world, the stumper; HOW.

How to get an audience? A gig? A booking? YOU know what to give them and are confident in your abilities to give a good show.

Now, this is a general Metaphor TOO. All of us being "performers" of sorts. My stage is the Internet, most of my performance is done via WRITING, and I have my own confidence in my skill.

Just as you might custom tailor a performance to any given audience, an elementary school probably a bit different than a corporate gig (maybe not, a lot of spoiled brats in business...ha!)...I might change up my writing to meet the needs of my audience.

Anyhow, a pivot in basketball, is when one foot stays in place. And I think those using the term forget this, when I see people talking about making a pivot in IM, they mostly talk about changing direction, with both feet (whistle blows, traveling called, ball gets taken away).

But keep one foot in place, doing what is paying the bills, but pivot directions by losing the slop, mess and

going back to Max. $$$ MIN time.
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