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Old February 18, 2023, 01:13 PM
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Default AI can't oil the rocking chair.

My glider-rocker has just enough metal in it, because it can't decide if it is a rocking chair or a glider...I keep my can of Zoom Spout Oil in a nearby desk drawer, knowing it can reach the tight space that WD 40 can't.

And as often as I ask Alexa, Sirit, ChatGPT to "oil my rocker", they give me hilarious answers, but don't squelch the squeak.

I may have to copyright that: SQUELCH THE SQUEAK. As per my decades of being cryptic, one may read many different uses of this. Maybe as a good copywriting idea?

If the squeaky wheel gets the grease, then you have a lifelong customer if you can Squelch their squeak.

Anyhow. Now maybe there will be a Zoom Spout ZOOMBA, running around the house, with a long tube that finds all the squeaks that need be squelched, but we're not there yet.

And in the gap between what is coming and what is here, is OPPORTUNITY, as long as one doesn't get bogged down.

Bogged down. As in taking forever to get the copy perfect. As in delaying bringing a product to the market. As in overthinking, procrastination and perfectionism. THAT SORT of bog down.

Quicksand. Avoid it at all costs.

Now, a bit of an update. Late last year I posted here and Warrior Forum about how I would take someone to a 5 thousand dollar a month recurring income in a year, if they can follow the plan. And this done for FREE (which most did not believe, as I found out early on, most thought there was a catch, and there isn't).

I don't normally deal with my stats or my business, but in this case, I think it could be educational for the group or one of you.

23 people sent me an email as I asked for if they were interested. I sent back an email asking for a bit of info. LOST 4 right off the bat, they never responded and they did get and open the email.

19 went to step two, fleshing out interests, experiences, and desires.

3 more dropped out, never sent anything back.

16 got to the point where I said write a PROMOTION at Gumroad for the report I WILL WRITE, YES, I wrote the first hotsheet report for everyone.

That took me down to 12. 12 had a ten day deadline to get their information to market via Gumroad.

3 did it. And I am working with those 3 to achieve the goal. I've spoken to two on the phone (skype) and have one to talk with so we can go on to the next phase.

Does it surprise me that only 3 of 22 who expressed interest are actually doing it? NO, not at all, probably more surprised there are that many.

Now I've learned a ton of new things from this project, mostly reinforced what I knew, but got an updated 2023 clearer vision of the way things are.

I may address some of the common concerns if anyone is interested, seems the most prevalent concern was getting customers. NO surprise there. Much to their dismay, that is about another 3 months down the road.

Here is the GJA short version you need:

TARGET market. Success may be determined by correctly selecting which niche or market you enter. I like evergreen, Parade of Life, always a demand type markets...all 3 of my guys have this.

SOMETHING to sell. I demand a 10 day start to finish, only the Christmas holidays prevented that, but there is no reason whatsoever, that a hotsheet report can't be for sale in 10 days. No one is going to get rich off of this, but it establishes the concept.


SOMEONE TO OFFER it to. (Which includes PLACE/PLATFORM).

Within these two things, all the nuances, steps, etc, tell you what you need to do. Nothing mystical about this. Follow the footprints of those who have gone before you.

So, anyhow, as far as TOLL POSITIONS, still a lot of opportunity, and probably a lot for AI and automation of the daily mundane too.

I doubt AI is going to feed me, although, it may be close to a time when our food supply, from planting, watering, harvest (butchering) and prep is all done for us, we still have to chew the stuff on our plate...for now.


Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Hi Gordon,

Great topic!

There are many opportunities to acquire powerful toll positions at the moment, due to retiring boomers...

In many cases, their (adult) children aren't interested...

Toll positions can include intellectual property, which can include patents, copyrights, trademarks, and also include other kinds of toll positions, such as secret formulas...

There are many opportunities due to inventors.

Many inventors invent good stuff, but have no idea how to market it!

I'd say that a powerful toll position is the best way to prepare yourself for the coming Artificial Intelligence onslaught!

Many people, including many copywriters, are panicking over AI...

However, Harvey - and others like him - who own strong toll positions, aren't breaking a sweat...

Those who own the secret formula for WD40 are probably saying... "Artificial intelli-what? No threat to us...!"

Best wishes,

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