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Old September 15, 2001, 01:28 PM
Gordon Alexander
Posts: n/a
Default A MEMO.

Memo: We've gone to war.

To: Terrorists

From: America.

We will fight you and we will win. We will Carry On the American Dream.

We will fight you with pitchforks and shovels in American communities where horse drawn carriages are still free to drive the streets.

We will fight you with chopsticks in our American restaurants where generations of immigrants have found the promised land of freedom.

We will fight you in our arenas with baseball bats, and tennis rackets, soccer balls and football gear. On Friday nights in High School stadiums throughout the land.

We will fight you with cows that provide the milk, with bees that provide the honey, with cattle, with crops, with commercial food production that feeds us all. We will fight you with factories at full capacity, with production lines that are continuous. We will fight you and win. We will Carry On.

We will fight you with orange groves, peach trees, apple orchards, with manicured golf courses, with National Parks and with our free sand beaches. With water that is fit to drink, with affordable power, electricity and utilities for all Americans.

We will fight you and win. We will fight you with our lifestyle, the greatest the world has known. We will assert and protect every American's right to choose and to pursue her or his happiness. You may think you see our factions terrorist, and you would want to use that to your advantage, but on this we are united:

We, Americans melted as one from all nations, of all races, of all religions, we will fight you and we will win. America will defeat you terroist. We will win. We, Americans from all corners of the world, of every political persuasion, of aged wisdom and youthful passions, we will fight you and win.

Our schools and playgrounds will be filled with the children of our victory; the children who play together, who protect one another, who join hands in pledging allegiance to America. Children without your hatred. Children who are not afraid of you. Children who don't see the world in black and white or in right and might but whose view is bigger than your small mind can ever imagine.

We will fight you today, tomorrow, and forever. We will fight you and we will win.

We will fight you with prayer, with remembrances of those that died at your blood stained hands, with a United and American front of freedom. With our elected representatives, who stand on hallowed steps and sing as one. In the halls of Congress, in the West Wing, and in the corridors of the Pentagon, we will fight you and we will win. In American Churches, Temples, Synagogues and Mosques we will fight you and we will win.

We will never forget. We will fight you with the normalcy of our lives. We will show you and the world what America is. We will not allow you to shut us down.

We will not permit you to frighten us from our daily freedoms, we will get back to work, we will get back to play, we will get on with the war you have brought to the world...and we will win. We will never forget, but we will never cower. Never hide. Never allow you the terror you desire. We will Carry On.

We will laugh again, we will love, we will grow old and die. And those next generations will remember, and will recall, and will then celebrate their FREEDOM as no other American generation has known. Because we will fight you and we will win.

We'll celebrate our victory in the daily mundane, the average and ordinary days that make up most of our lives, we'll get back to the usual. That is our victory over terror.

The victory of America will not be when you the terroist of today is destroyed and buried (although we will mark that day also), for we know your kind will be with us, around us, among us and against us forever. We have been alerted to that.

So we celebrate the victory over terrorism by returning to our fields, our orchards, our factories. We'll work harder at our businesses, to grow them and make them profitable, to build a war chest of opportunity for future generations to come. To provide the opportunity, to allow the chance, to permit the risk is our victory. To be able to say to our Children's Children, "Carry On"; that is the victory.

We will return to our offices, to the buses, to the planes and carry on. We will defeat you hour by hour, minute by minute as we Americans continue to carry on and protect and defend our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Terrorism will never win the war. You're cowardly acts quicken our souls and unite our spirit. We will hunt each and everyone of you down, your cause will be defeated by our resolve to remain the beacon of light in a world of darkness. Our symbols of the greatest democracy in history can be rebuilt. You may knock down our buildings and bury innocent people beneath the rubble of your fanatic hatred, but each death you caused is a seed for tomorrow's victory.

Every name will be remembered, the young children, the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers of America will never be forgotten. Every one will be known. Every one will be remembered. Every name significant. Every death caused by your hand of hatred will be avenged by our heart of commitment as we Carry On.

We won't forget. We won't let their deaths be in vain. We will Carry On.

Through today, tomorrow, and for generations to come, WE, AMERICA, will Carry On. Whatever acts are done against us, whatever coward should attack our shores, we will Carry On. You will not win. You can not win.

We'll be alert. We'll answer the call. We'll Cary On.

You Cowardly Terrorist will die and be forever despised. We the people of the United States of America will Carry On. Our hearts are heavy and will be grief filled for some time, our sorrow and sadness is seemingly overwhelming yet we will Carry On.

We will never forget the innocent you took from us. We will forever remember the brave who perished performing their rescue duties. In their names, in the names of our forefathers, in the names of the Men and Women who served us in the Armed Forces, in the names of those Americans who died for our freedoms, with respect and with gratitude, with resolve and without terror in our hearts, we Carry On.

A note to my fellow Americans; Remember. Never forget. Be prepared. Pray. Grieve. Weep. Fight.
But do not surrender to cowards, do not live in fear. And Carry On.


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