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Old March 11, 2024, 11:29 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Default How a 101 Year Old Woman BlackMailed 3 Husbands

Thanks Gordon/Dien,

I Learned this from a WORLD FAMOUS surgeon.

You'd Recognize him. But he asked me not to use his name.


He is Already in Trouble at one Hospital where he Practices. He Shared
with me - The THOUSAND YEAR OLD idea in the P.S. - Below.

In 5 Minutes a day - His Patients And the Patients of other Surgeons
They TOLD - NO LONGER Needed Surgery.

The other "Doctors" want him gone.

Dear Friend,

Thanks to my habit of LISTENING to Really Old People, Like 100 or more.

I got in Big Trouble with a Former BEAN COUNTING Boss.

Who Knew?

He personally went over the phone logs for the Physical Plant. This was the
Building all of the Maintenance and Janitorial Services worked out of for the

One Day - I had spent 4 Hours on ONE PHONE CALL. (The University had bought
up 1000 New Apartments. But Didn't move the Older Tenants. So I Got Friendly
with some Very Old Folks.)

After The LONG PHONE Call in My Office
I Got Called in and yelled at.

DID NOT tell My Boss that during that 4 hours a 90 yr old Man Told Me How he
got his Entire Jewish Family out of Natzi Germany.

Millions of Jews in Concentration Camps.
Or just Shot. Walter uses His Brain.

Just Walked out.

Or I should say - Walked AND Rode Trains out of Germany.

How Did Walter got On a series of Trains out of German?. Right past 100’s of German Soldiers and Guards.

He Waited until The End of the Day. Gestapo who stand all day At Train Stations
were TIRED. They ignored his family.

Walter understood Human Nature.

Which Leads me to Miss Cassie.

Cassiopia was 101 When we Met.

I Was Asked to Visit her to Solve a Problem The Entire Maintenance Staff couldn’t Fix.

One Entire 2 Story wall of her house was Windows. A Complicated Series of
Curtains adjusted the amount of light in the ART GALLERY ROOM.

And nobody could Get The Light Adjusted to Satisfy her.

ME - I Listened to Her Problem.


I Splained - how I Got Called to The Principals Office because of ART.

Melissa was supposed to help me with my Paper Machete Cat. She Had The FAST FINGERS. I was Slow.

Instead she created a Standing Cat Figure. When You Moved The Cats Tail up
and Down a Huge SchwantzTucker Shot out from Between The Cats Legs.

Melissa was a pretty red-head. So I didn’t Mind too Much. Although I Did Get a D in Art that term.

Cassie Loved my Sad Tale.

Put her head back and Giggled.

Then actually Cackled. Like a Witch on TV.

And We Got Along Like a House Afire after that.

While I Manipulated The Curtains - Cassie Studied her 1/2 painted Canvas on the Easle.

Back and forth.

To and fro.

Up and Down.

Very Slow.

It took Us Hours to Get The Light Perfect.

AND while we were Adjusting Curtains. Cassie ONE UPPED Me with Her Triple Blackmail Story.

Cassie Loved BAD BOY Artists and Painters in Paris, France.

But she knew she couldn’t Trust them.

So while working as an Assistant to a Famous Artist/Painter - She Studied and
helped Him With his Experiments with Light And Pignents.

And Together the two of them Re-Discovered an Ancient Painting Technique from The Middle Ages.


The Lazy Famous Painter Got Cassie to Do All of The Pigment Preparation. And
SHE Discovered one of the Ingrediants had to be FRESH. Or it didn’t mix properly
with the other Paint Ingrediants.

So After a few years of FAME with Painter #1 -
Cassie got Suspicious.
Hired a Detective Agency.

Got photos of Her BAD BOY Husband with his Mistress.

Got a Bunch of money in the Divorce.

And While Husband #1 saw his STAR Dim. And Sink because none of his Paintings had the Magic PIZZAZZ anymore.

Cassie Married Talented BAD BOY Painter #2 - Who was Eager to Get Rich using the MAGIC Pigment Discovery.

And his Paintings started to sell for Big Bucks too.

With Lots of money in The Bank, Cassie hired a Permanent Detective.

Husband #2 was Really Bad. Hired an Assistant to help Cassie Mix the Paints. After he was SURE he knew her Secret. He Divorced Her!

BIG MISTAKE. Cassie knew and Hid Her SECRET from The "Assistant."

Husband #2 Had to Pay to Avoid going to Court. He didn't want Pics of Him and several young women Cavorting btwn the sheets - to GO PUBLIC.

Cassie got Richer.
Husband #2 Paid Cassie a TON Of Money.

Husband #3 - Was another BAD BOY - Talented Painter. But with came up with a NEW WRINKLE.

Cassie Made Husband #3 Rich too.

AND soon Suspected he was Sleeping around.

But her Detective Said, “No.”

So Cassie Hired Detective #2 (From Outside Paris) to Investigate Detective #1.

(BACK at her Mansion) - Really Enjoying herself - Cassie insisted I sit down and Join her for some Wine.

I Hate The Stuff.

But Cassie may have gotten a bit tipsy - at age 101 my guess is
it doesn't take much.

I Told her I Didn’t like the Taste. So she lined up a row of tiny Shot Glasses. Laughed each time I took a Sip.

I Tried to Entertain her. Made a Different face each time.

Cassie Told me Detective #2 Discovered Detective #1 Was Blackmailing Husband
#3. And in return for a Monthly Cash Fee - He Agreed not to Report the Truth To Cassie.


Detective #2 Discovered Detective #1 had a Mistress. And a Girlfriend in 2 different cities. And his Wife Didn’t know.

Cassie then Got Fresh New Pics of Husband #3 - from Detective #2. Divorced him. Got a Huge Pile of Dinero.

And Reported Detective #1 to his Agency. Got him Fired.

And Forwarded photos to The Wife of Detective #1.

And Then Cassie Left the Country.

Came to the USA and Started painting herself.


Cassie says, “And at 101 nobody but me knows MY SECRET.”

How Can You Adapt This Idea?

NOT the BlackMail idea.

The Golden Rule Strategy of GIVING AWAY An Idea so FANTASTIC that People who Get Part I of The Idea MUST HAVE Part 2.

Here is a Proven “Can’t-Say-“NO” idea.

#1 - You Can Become a SEX MANIAC In 24-48 Hrs.

Guys - You Walk around with an Erection.
Gals - You will feel FRISKY all Day.

Age Doesn’t matter.

I have people in WheelChairs successful with this.

(YOU WANT IT Right Now. Today. Send Me Moolah to Go to The Head of The
Line. I will Call and Walk You Thru all 6 Steps. And Send You MY HOW-TO Video
with all my Shortcuts.)


DIRECTIONS - Click This Link to get A Free PDF of Directions - How to get 5 (Of
6) Steps - Which boost Energy in 7 days.


ADD the Following to get SEX MANIAC ENERGY in 24 - 48 hrs

Add Proven Idea #1 - Ignore all advice to go slow. Go thru as Fast as You Can. Takes me 5 or 6 Minutes.

ADD Proven Idea #2 - You Do Not Have to Be Perfect. Print Out The 5 Body
Positions on a piece of paper. Put Directions Page on the floor Next to you. (Leg Lifts? Bring Your Knees to Your Chest. Just Lift part of your leg. Do it fast. Fantastic Results.

ADD Proven Idea #3 - This took me 19 years of Testing to Discover. WHILE
Keeping Your tongue Up at the Top of Your Mouth behind Your Teeth. Pant and
Deep Breathe All The Way Thru.

and You Get SEX MANIAC Level Energy in 24 - 48 hrs.

The Massive seems to be getting MORE Oxygen.

STEP #6 - IF You Want to STOP The XEX MANIAC Behaviour. STOP Running
around In An EXCITED STATE all Day. This Strategy allows You to TRANSMUTE
the Extra Energy.

TRANSMUTE MEANS - Change the Sex Energy over to Chi Energy. AND NOT feel
Like You Want to CHASE WOMEN all Day and Night.

You Can Still Feel The Energy. But Can Use it to Build your business.

LAST POINT - The Reason I am SO GOOD at this? (A) I Do all 6 Steps Daily.
(B) My Clients don't lift a finger to Implement the Marketing ideas I send them.
UNLESS I Turn them into SEX Energy MANIACS.

Then Show them how to TRANSMUTE the Energy. Control it.
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