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Old March 16, 2024, 03:59 AM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default Big Red Nose Club - I DARE YOU

Thanks Dien/Gordon,

Funny Thing.

Only Successful Sm Biz Owner RESPOND to this Challenge when I email them.

I say "Only 1 out of 20 is NOT CHICKEN."

And the 1 of 20 Comes ROARING Back saying, "Send Me Your Stinking Chicken Test And I will DESTROY IT."

"I Dare You To Take This Money Making Quiz.

IF You Pass This Test

Learn This Secret...

$$$ People Will Hand you money.$$$

After Reading Literally 100's of Top Sales Books - All of them - Basically - Say The Same Thing.

****People Will Only Pay You Money if They TRUST You Enough.****

TRUST is Based on Rapport.

And The Obvious Question is, "How Much Rapport and Trust is "Enough"
to get People to Pay You Money?

WELL - You Will Get The Answer Right Here.

Your PROOF -

We have 3 Mentors who Can SEE The Electric Aura's Around people.
And all 3 of These Geniuses. (2 women and 1 man)
Confidently Say...They can SEE My Aura And theirs.

One Lady Equine Vet Said, "Glenn, When We had the Red Nose lunch Together. And Our Waiter Brought me Extra Soup.
And You a Free Desert. And charged you 1/2 Price. And The Head cook brought your Fish Order to our Table
Personally. Your Aura Met theirs with a Warm Blue Flash. And Surrounded their Bodies."

So TRUST is An Electrical Connection
Btwn Two Human Bodies.

Email Me YOUR Results
When You Take This Big Red Nose Test.

[email protected]

Below Are 3 Safe Ways to PASS The
Big Red Nose Test
From Your Car.

Big Red Nose
Aura Quiz

Step #1 - Order a Bag of Cheap Red Foam Clown Noses off of

Step #2 - Keep a few clown noses in Your Car. I Use The Glove Compartment.

CASE STUDY I - At a Stop Sign I Pulled up next to a SUV. Kid in the Back Seat. Mom and pop up front.

I Waved to Get the Kids Attention.


Then Put on The CLOWN NOSE.
Big Smile and Wave. Donkey Ears with my hands.

Kid yelled at his Parents. (Lip Reading - Looked Like, "Mom, Dad, Look over there at the CRAZY MAN."

But When The Parents looked over - I had Taken The CLOWN Nose Off.

Parents then Yelled at the Kid for Imagining Things.

i Drove off with an Innocent Look on my face.

CASE STUDY II - Hot Sunny Day. Traffic Jam. One car BLASTING MUSIC a couple Rows over. Windows open.
Packed with Cornicopia of Cultures.

Black, White, Asian, Mexican Folks.

- Waving their Arms out the windows. Singing.

I figured, "Ok. Let's Find out what happens If I Do An UGLY DANCE Back.

I get out of my Car.

Start Waving my Arms over my head.

Drunkenly Staggering.

Threw one LEG up Into my Drivers Window. Pretended to Be Stuck.

Pulling frantically at my Leg.

Pulled loose. Fell on the Hot Street.

Looked over when a Girl SHRIEKED and SHOUTED. "Hey White Boy. This is How You DO IT!

And several Women Leaped out of their Cadillac.

Yelling and Screaming with Laughter so They could Hardly stand up.

Started Gyrating to the Music. MUCH BETTER THAN ME.

I Waved. And Grinned.

Took a Bow. Got some Raucous Applause.

And Drove off when the Light Changed.

CASE STUDY III - How To Create a COED-RIOT Inside a Car.

Near a Local College.

Red Light.

Looked over to see a Car full of Coeds.

6 Girls.

I Waved Enthusiastically to the SHY Coed In The Back Seat. Girls in front seat saw me Wave and Smile at her.

Then I turned my head to the right.

Put on The CLOWN NOSE.

Turned back Car full of Girls ALREADY teasing the Shy Coed.

Huge Smile and a Wave.

Blew a Kiss.

I AM NOT KIDDING. Their Car Was Literally Bouncing.

The Coeds in Front Seat were half way in back. One Blonde Was Shaking the Shy Girl.

And every Coed was Laughing like a Maniac.

Light Changed.

I Drove away Never to See These 6 Girls again.


P.S. - Check Out "Meet Girls - Do Nothing"
If You Want an Even More Powerful Way to Meet Women.

Side Effect - You Will Attract Folks with Moolah.
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