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Old April 21, 2024, 12:42 PM
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Default I have been too early in markets before, and it was not a good thing...

Originally Posted by jsansi View Post
Gordon-- Was curious what you did with the lotto ... I do have the lotto report and have tracked pick3 using your method.

Though, how to market Lucky AI hotsheet if you're not doing the drop off stack of hotsheets at a minimart? Guess its all online.

Related. What ever happened with tidal wave?

Thanks jsani, those are great questions. Without boring the group with a laundry list of my failures, which have been many...ones that hurt the most were the ones where I got into the market too early.

TIDAL WAVE was a shout out about SPORTS GAMBLING, and it has indeed been the tidal wave as predicted...but how to cash in? I wanted to do a HOTSHEET, but what would that look like, and how to market it? My ideas PRE event (for Ohio) needed to have a year under their belt...and now we do.

We went through a full college season, and NFL, where college football and NFL account for a huge % of sports betting, and always have, and this year the competition for your gambling dollars is really going to heat up.

What I'm saying is, there is now DATA. We are getting to see a market shake-out and there are certain trends I feel that my wheel house can serve.

Give me a minute here to back track, cause this somethign you can easily verify. Look on your Pick 3 charts for Feb. and Mar of this year, looking at double digits, Jan had 15 out of 62, or close to the 25% the report tells you.

Feb. had 6 and Mar. 12. So first quarter had 33 total, where the report sez that 45 would be closer to long term in my mind and in the Ohio history, it indicates or predicts a whole bunch of double digits is coming our way.

And now in April. 17 with 10 days left. Over the avg in 2/3 of the month. On Sun. 14 I cashed out nicely with 566 being drawn. What were the report indicators for that number? The 6 on the end, which passed the "magic" number of 60, triggering an automatic play with another six, as when one of these does get to DUE, which is seldom, I always play pairs and cover it all the way with back ups. wheels, etc. Since it was only 65 back, those wheels and back ups didn't cost much, and where as the doubles present a next draw opportunity, I also cashed in on Mon. mid with 654, a SEQ. as is also tracked and something monitored.

I will continue to play double digits and be heavy on 11X and 33X (with 339 in all). Now, the four before zero...the 400 took the 00X to five, first one on double digit charts...and this chart is unusual in that already we have 22x, 55x, 66x with four, but always having a double digit from the last one drawn, in this case 300 the day before, and 400 next draw, I cashed in again.

You know I love the double digits as the report says, it is in my opinion one of the sweet spots of the lottery, and a 50 cent boxed pays 83 in Ohio, affords one many days of plays to still have a substantial ROI.

The chase, a new modified BELL CURVE FLAT LINE report, leaving all that Pre covid groups stuff out, but the charts and tracking haven't changed, except I have switched to an 11 x17 format where I now have ONLY ONE large piece of paper with Pick 3, Pick 4, and Rolling Cash 5 on it, and it covers the month. So that is an improvement, in my mind, I wonder why it took me so long to figure that out? duh!!

The tracking is the same, that is the math part...and just having intuition too, like today, I have no feeling for any of the numbers at all, so will skip a day, but the budget money is still there...that is why I encourage folks to skip actual play, and with 20 out of 30 days gone in April, with double digits being hot and some house money in hand, I hope to end with a bang.

Without going into detail, the Ohio Lottery HOTSHEET is a template for all the states, provinces, and territories, hopefully with editors who may have 2 to 4 and they will act as affiliates.

Now there is no such thing as a winning lottery system. But I do stand by the BELL CURVE flat line. And tracking, and playing smart, playing for ROI, not for hope of windfalls. As a hobby, it can be entertaining and FUN, when on a roll...but like ol Kenny sang, you got to know when to fold them, know when to run too.

Too many players hold them.

As for sports gambling, TIDAL WAVE, the "plan" is; to find the intersection, the crossover, where my lottery players have an interest in Sports betting...and to test those groups for any Sports gaming hotsheets.

Last year, strangely, saw more QB injuries turn the season upside down, and College footballand basketball, well, it looks pretty easy to forecast, one needs UPSETS which are rare, but just enough take place to make the long shot player in his dreams.

In NFL, any given Sunday, as Pacino might note, exception being, your star QB goes down.

I think the INJURY REPORTS will be a significant part of any sports HOTSHEET I pursue but another angle I'm working on is the books themselves, I suspect a consolidation isn't far away, and maybe the smaller hungry book, might give just enough of a difference, one can find the cracks and extract their sports gaming moolah through them.

One thing, I haven't taken OFF LINE off the table either, but especially not for the HOTSHEETS, now that I have a single piece of paper for monthly tracking, I don't see why it couldn't sit on the counter of many a momma poppa lottery terminal.

FYI, I will continue to play 33x and those combos,336, 339 an all 33 front, back and split pairs until 33 is hit, or I go broke whichever comes first,

Also, for me, I have to find the right niche for sports gaming, and that is why I want to use lottery as the doorway, and that has more to do with time and effort, which I don't make much of these days, and why I hope to have the editors (affiliates) doing the lion's share of the work.

Also, for what it might be worth to you, from my most recent tracking in OH lottery: hot SEQ 901and 567 hot add 268, and due 224

When I have the updated new report done, I'll send you a copy, just remind me when you see it posted up. Hope you are having FUN with your lottery/sports play, although if an OH football fan, not much to be happy about last year, except Joe Flacco.


P.S. My thinking on off line counter tops is this, I'll give the spot 100 and it will have a 3.50 price, the momma/poppa keeps all the money, so if they do sell 100, the keep the 3.50. Larger stores and chains may need sku, which means dealing with corporate types, so unless I can get a sponsor, like 7-11 or CircleK with their own brand, I wouldn't waste much time. I can test 5 to 10 Mom/Pop shops in county, so that is my thinking.

The reason I give them all the moolah, is, because inside there is a subscription offer, so for the cost of a piece of paper and some time giving them away the first of the month, it might be a decent jump start. But that is to be determined.
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