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Old May 20, 2024, 01:14 AM
Dien Rice Dien Rice is online now
Onwards and upwards!
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Default The guy who could LOSE $10k to $20k per job...

Hi Glenn,

I once worked for a similar business - for a short time!

The guy I was working for sold double pane windows... (These are called "double-glazed windows" in Australia, where I am...)

The thing is (same as your situation I'm sure), they are made to fit the window spaces...

So measurement is critical!

Unfortunately for his business, the guy I was working for (who owned the business) was not a "measure twice, cut once" type of guy...

He used to go to the potential client, do the sales pitch, give them a quote, then measure the windows. Then the double pane windows would be made to order...

...and often the measurements were wrong!

Double pane windows which were the wrong size can't be used (except as samples)... So it's like throwing money away!

He had the experience of losing $10,000 to $20,000 on some jobs...

So he changed his method.

He'd go over, make the sale, and give a quote...

Then he'd have another guy - who was more accurate than he was - go over, and do the precise measurements!

Nevertheless, he always had a tendency to not want to pay people who worked for him what he owed them...

To my understanding, he eventually lost the business.

I think he could have made it a success, but he was too keen in trying to figure out how to trick people working for him out of their fairly-earned money...

Best wishes!


Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Gordon/Dien,

Gotta Thank an IDIOT Dr To Dr Salesman for This Story.

Thanks to Paying Attention to DETAILS I Just Saved Years of PAIN. And THOUSANDS of Dollars.

“Nice Guy” comes to Door. Says he is there to give me a Free Estimate on doors and windows.

Asks How long I have owned the home.

Gets me to admit that a couple of my Big Bay Windows get Mist inside the double panes.

Step I - BOZO writes my Contact info down 3 times.

Step II - Then he hands me his phone to “Confirm” the Appointment. I talk to a guy at headquarters in Philadelphia.

I Told the guy a Joke to Get the "Headquarters in Philly" Info.

Step III - I Find out the “Nice” Clown guy can’t give me the estimate. He gives me 3 Times TODAY. 6, 7, 8 - I pick 6 pm. A Technician will show up.

Step IV - “The Bozo” guy tells me I Have to Confirm the 6 pm Time myself. He calls another #. Hands me his phone. I Talk to Abby. I tell her she has a Famous Name. Abby Steiner is winning 100 yard Dash for Women.

Find out Abby is in Virginia.

Step V - Abby tells me She is The Wrong Department. “PLEASE WAIT while I Find out who you can talk to.” Abby Forwards the Call.

Step VI - I Get a VM Message. And hear a Message. “You are the 2nd Person in Line.”

I CUSS out Loud.

Step VII - Then Mike Comes On-line. “Nice Guy Clown” Hands me his phone again. I get quizzed by Mike. The Exact Same info that “BOZO” wrote down 3 Times.



"Wow. This Guys are IDIOTS. If this company cannot even Make an appointment
without sending me to 6 Different Departments - They will be a HORROR SHOW
to Work with.

And Tell Mike & “Nice Guy” - “I Just Realized You guys are INCOMPETENT. I’ve Talked to 6 People SO FAR. And I Still don’t have an Appointment.”

“If it takes SIX Departments.
“Six Different People to Make an Appointment.

“The Rest of Your Company must be a DISASTER Too.

So I Hang up on Mike.

Tell “Nice Guy” - “I coach Dr To Dr Sales People all over the USA. You Need to
Find a Better Job. You are doing a GOOD JOB. But your Support Company is a

Near my Windows.”

Then “BOZO” says says something STUPID. Ruins The Rapport he has built with me, “I don’t get paid unless You Complete the Appointment. Please finish the appointment process.”

I say, “I don’t Care! You’ve Wasted 45 minutes of my time.

And Mr “Nice Guy” Slunk Away. Still Not THINKING that His Problem is The IDIOTS back at the Company - who are Breaking TRUST.

#1 RULE from all my Mentors - “CONTROL WHAT YOU DO To Get Paid.”

Did I Over-React?

I got on The Internet.

Found the New Headquarters in Philadelphia.
The PA Governor just Gifted the Company 210K for Creating “Green Jobs.

Found this Article.

Predicting What MY FUTURE would Look Like
if I hired these BOZOS.



P.S. - If You Are Not Able to MAKE A JOKE to Get people to TELL You Private INFO.

IF You Cannot Quickly LINK Their Name to a FAMOUS Person.

IF You Don’t Know Any NEW MAGIC.

After 21 Years of Flirt Tip Testing
we have a Guaranteed Solution to getting GOBSMACK LEVEL RAPPORT. (Instead of the “Old NLP Stuff.”)

Last edited by Dien Rice : May 20, 2024 at 01:33 AM.
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