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Old June 9, 2024, 02:13 PM
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Default My lottery hotsheet project, the deets.

My reasons for this post: Accountability. Demonstration. Cause I feel like it.

Based on the Harvey Brody, VIEW FROM THE ROOFTOP, along with a lifetime of business knowledge, experience and much failure too, this will hopefully be useful to others thinking of doing a business/money making project.

From the Gordon files: Start where you are at, with what you have, and focus on a goal, then act and adjust.

Also, from my past Remote Direct Marketing experiences; Go to the well that gives you water, set up your food stand in a starving crowd, and bait the hook to catch the type of fish you want to catch.

I don't participate much these days, in any forum or group. I do read the Warrior Forum (that's a 2 min read these days), Millionaire Fastlane, several FACEBOOK groups, a few Insta, YouTube channels. But really, very little tires me out to read the same old same old day after day.

One daily idea that millions apparently have is, how to do IM? How to start an online business? How to make money online? What is the best niche? What is the best this, that or the other for me to do? YIKES all mighty!

I'll let others field those sort of questions these days. I do see a lot of terrible, really awful, astoundingly bad advice...mostly anecdotal on how they did it and took a lot of time. That is HOGWASH. If it takes a lot of time, it is because the choice wasn't very good at the start.

So with that in mind, how and why did I choose to focus on a lottery HOTSHEET?

First, I'm a buyer. I'm active in the market. I spend money. And I think it is good advice to follow, choose something you know about and are part of the marketplace already.

It is an EVERGREEN 'starving' crowd. A multi-billion dollar established market with hundreds of niches and millions of customers. So, it was an easy choice for me.

Back in the day, when I used to distribute Big Red's HOTSHEETS on consignment, I saw first hand how these Entertainment/Information products sold. Also, I was in a group for a long time, and we spent untold thousands on systems, methods, strategies, books, courses, SOFTWARE and came to this conclusion:

NO SUCH THING AS A WINNING LOTTERY SYSTEM, although there were groups spending tens of thousands of dollars who seemed to game one lottery, the movie JERRY AND MARGE GO LARGE gives a pretty good overview of that. Since then lotteries have changed and now even spending tens of thousands, it is hard to beat lotteries for the big payouts.

So, I saw a huge evergreen market, with many niches, full of INFORMATION buyers; books, courses, hotsheets, memberships and spending a lot of money on this form of entertainment.

I told you all about the Craigslist ad, a guy, multi winner sells a 197 dollar course and heavily implies or gets you to infer, you can win 20,000 a month using it. Good luck.

That is the kind of thing that is out there, and that isn't anywhere near top dollar stuff, and then Big Red (his successors) are still going strong too.

See for yourself:

And I've been a member for over a decade. Here are some of their INFORMATION/ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTS: I selected dreams, but look through their bookstore and see what else. Now this doesn't even begin to include the Gail Howards, Ken Silvers, Steve Players, etc., etc. of the lottery world, all of whom are selling INFORMATION products.

There is a demand.

Huge market. Many niches. They buy. They spend. I'm part of the market.
So the first few laws of business have seemingly been met.

Ready to buy, market demand, evergreen and HUUUGGGE. So, how to niche down?

The BELL CURVE FLAT LINE report covers three lotteries, Pick 3, Pick 4, and in Ohio, Rolling Cash 5 (other states, pick 5 of 39-47)

I don't want to talk to scratch off players, although I do see their usefulness in getting big plates full of food...

I don't want MultiState players, no MegaMillions, Powerball or Lucky for life.

Daily players of 3, 4 and pick 5 of 39-47

These are the only games my state hotsheets will cover, and the charts are all based on the BELL CURVE FLAT LINE method of tracking.

So, within an evergreen market, I drilled down to a niche, which still numbers into millions of players. Those are my ideal avatar/Targets.

And this eliminates a lot of the desperate, hopeful, wishfuls who think about what they will do when they win the Powerball of 100 million dollars or so.

Winning 41, 83, 250, 333, 400, 500 and 599 on a regular basis, are my PEEPS.

I don't win big, mainly because I play the lottery version of Money Ball. I use statistics (and other math), luck and a little magic (seriously???) to keep cashing in these small tickets week after week.

Math you get, I'm sure; statistical analysis, random number theory, probability, etc., etc. Luck? You think you are, or you think you aren't. Either way, you is what you is.

But M A G I C >>> for reals Gordy? You believe in that astrology nonsense?

The way the question gets framed is how I respond, mostly with silence.

But I will share ONE big belief I do have.

I believe in RESULTS.

Being happy with the results I am getting, I don't see a need to change, OR to explain any other belief with anyone.

What I call magic, are mostly mainstream ideas anyhow. Meditation, guided visualization, lucid dreaming, astral projection or REMOTE VIEWING for you CIA types out there...I only care what some Russian politician is thinking if he has winning lottery numbers. So, yea.

I think most magic is due to a use of our powerful IMAGINATIONS...and our ability to create and guide our thoughts

When I cast dice for the 3 digit, I throw 10 times (10 sided die) and use color codes, red, white and blue for first digit, middle and then end...and whatever comes up the most, I MIGHT play if it aligns with the BELL CURVE FLAT LINE CHARTS.

The reason I have chosen to send a piece of paper in the postal mail, as opposed to doing it all via email is simple. I get a lot more information about my buyer by doing it this way, and I can surprise them with additional things in the envelope too. Lots more info to me, and more opportunity to learn what else they might want.

Example, my home town. 44221 avg. income is 74,177 and yet, across town, 44224 the income 110,851...both Cuyahoga Falls zips but that 36,000 dollar difference tells me a lot about the people living there. So the ride alongs or lift letters could be custom tailored, see?

There are 48 lotteries in USA, including territories, and 10 in Canada Provinces. Or 58 potential.

Sounds like a lot of slop and mess to me, so I have this in mind.

I will cover 2 states, OH and IL. Others will also cover two states, and I want only 10 total, so 11 people = 22 HOTSHEETS or less than half the potential. Although all 58 can get the BELL CURVE FLAT LINE REPORT, just won't have a monthly hotsheet for them.


Each distributor will have the responsibility for local state content, and fielding questions from their states. The HOTSHEETS are templated, and I will print and mail up to 2500 to their states. I am going to request a minimum of 1000 per state, with the onboarding MY responsibilty.

AT cap level, one distributor will have 5000 subs, and they will get 3.50 per for a 17500 mo income plus % of back ends. Hopefully this will attract the kind of person who doesn't mind working a few hours a week for this compensation.

So, any questions, anyone?

And, another thought...cause all this has been copyrighted and BRANDED, it gives me a toll position which can't be knocked off in the big Lottery marketplace. Proprietary source, a hopefully great TOLL POSITION.

To be continued.

Last edited by GordonJ : June 9, 2024 at 04:00 PM.
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