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Old December 16, 2006, 12:27 AM
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Default Why am *I* the skeptic - as if that's a bad thing?


Thanks for adding ideas.

I need to Pull You Up on something and ask a question about it...

Now, you're always going to have skeptics about various topics, including this one (see Michael's post).

The above sentence Implies I am a Skeptic - as if being this Skeptic is also a bad thing as the thing I am Skeptical about it actually true. And Lends credence to Any Hair-Brained Anything.

For example...

Bob believes the Great Green Arklesneezure Sneezed the universe into existence. Those who do not believe this are called Skeptics.

WHY isn't Bob just a Nut job? Why is Bob's theory accepted and those who do not agree with it given a Label of Skeptic? (More on Bob later.)

Another example...

I do Not believe in Darwin's Theory (note, it is JUST a THEORY) of Evolution. As such, I am called a Skeptic. And yet, IF we were to Apply the TRUE Scientific Method... we would Not Accept this theory and Would look for flaws in it. And when we do, we find Heaps.

Forget about finding a Missing Link for man... Find a Missing Link for ANY animal? There aren't any! There was a time when there were No Giraffes, then suddenly, there are some.

Another example...

A meteor killed All the Dinosaurs?

Nope. They were virtually extinct when the Geological Records show a meteor hit.

Why were they dying out?

Climate Change... at a time when No Humans driving cars were around to cause this Change. Yet, those who do not accept the Common Version are called Skeptics

Back to Bob...

It's pretty clear Bob is a nut job. - BUT - How many people have to believe Bob's insanity before they are deemed Not to be insane and the non-believers are called Skeptics?

With regards "Global Warming Caused By Man"...

Years ago, back in the 1970, I knew a guy who owned a Telescope. Not a small tripod type. But one that was on hydraulics in it's own building on his property. It was Huge. The roof would open so he could use it.

He was a scientist - and - was concerned. He was concerned because, at the time, there was Ample evidence to suggest one of the poles was icing up more than the other. And he, as well as Many others, feared the Earth's wobble would go too far due to one side being heavier and the Momentum of the wobble. Such a move, even a flip, would be catastrophic.

Hey, back then the newspapers thought we were heading into another Ice-Age.

All non-believers were deemed to be Skeptics, as if that's a bad thing.

Today's global warming - some scientic drills a hole in a glacier and says something and millions believe it - specially with celebrity endorsement (Mmm... those same celebs seem to ignore the Very Recent record-cold-temp set in Canada.)

Another looks at a different glacier, draws a different conclusion - but - we don't hear about him from the mass media.

Man Made Gobal Warming... I just can't help but think of John Hurt's lines in V for Vandetta when he urges "Remind them why they need us."

Just your usual "Sky Is Falling, but the gumint will save the day" stuff. Of course, such Saving will require tax dollars.

Have you heard the latest?

1: An idea to Seed the atmoshphere with particles which will reflect light - and therefore heat - to help keep the globe cool. Can't even cure cancer, or the common cold, but they want to mess with the climate on a Global Scale. (That'll work without fail, right?)

2: Man Made Global Warming effects orbiting satellites. And the Space Station could fall down as a result.

What's next? Solar System Warming? Galaxy Warming?

FFS - insert the "aw jeez" guy here.

Michael (not a skeptic, but questioning everything and applying Reasoning to it) Ross.

Let's not fall victim to Blind Acceptance of things, or Post Hoc Fallacy.
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