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Old February 10, 2002, 03:58 PM
Joe D.
Posts: n/a
Default Re: Listening To The Gut

Hi Michael,

And thank you for your reply.

> Joe, without knowing the details of what you
> want done, I see no need for any
> profit-sharing ongoing thing.

> Once the website is done, it's done, isn't
> it? Why would you then need to continue to
> pay the web-designer/graphics person? To me
> it sounds like piece work.

Well... for each new client we bring on
board we need both graphic and web work
done. So it would be a kinda ongoing
thing. I'm confident that once we get
rolling I'd be able to afford paying
piece work... but up until that time
I'm a little unsure how to handle the

> As for the database programer. Again, I see
> it as only being piece work. Once the
> program has been created - and I assume
> we're talking a cgi mailing script that
> interacts with an Access database - then
> there's no need for any more.

Again... there's much more to it. We already
have the basics done -- database and mailing
functions... but as the project evolves we
will be in need of almost constant programming
work. So again... I'm not sure how to approach
compensation at this "cash poor" junction.

> If you don't have the time to enter the data
> into the database, then again use a piece
> worker - one day a week person. Or contact a
> Secretarial Service to come and do it for a
> few hours once a week. - Let them bill you
> monthly.

Yeah... we've got that contracted out already
to a work at home mom.

> Don't for one second think you need money
> BEFORE you can do anything. And don't think
> you need to take on an employee.

That's where I lose you Michael. If I don't
have the money to pay these people right now,
what other options do I have other than offering
them a piece of the pie?

> As for the programer... get prices FIRST.

> The student may be able to have it go
> towards their degree... and that would be
> their payment.

Yes. That was dicussed with the University
Career Development guy. But he said if I
can offer compensation in addition to credits
I will attract better people.

> Alternatively, a Promisary Note should cover
> any lack of funds. There should be no
> concern about them being paid because you've
> got the BIG account. So they get paid when
> you do. - Might even like to show them the
> contract but don't let them keep a copy.

How exactly does a promisary note work. I don't
konw much about that.

> One of my clients is a Computer Consultant.
> If you want to take advantage of the low
> Australian currency email me and I can ask
> him if he has anyone on his books who can do
> what you want.

Well... we we're hoping to work with someone
locally... but I'll keep it in mind. Thank you.

> SAY WHAT? HE is considering coming aboard?
> As if he's doing you a favour after you've
> asked him.

> If THAT is his attitude, RUN from this guy.

Maybe I didn't phrase that very well. He's
interested in learning more about our project
and is currently looking to make a career
change. So it might be better said that he
is interested in learning more about what we
do. He really wasn't pushy at all.

> How did he "catch wind" of what
> you were doing anyway?

One of our telemarketers mentioned to a friend
that we were getting ready to open a certain
market. That friend happened to know that her
ex-husband was looking for a change and happened
to live in that market. We spoke on the phone
and here we are.

> Joe, red flags wave, buzzers go off and
> alarm bells ring when I read what you wrote
> about this guy.

> My Gut Instinct says cancel the appointment

> YOU are in control. NOT the other way
> around. He sounds too pushy to me.

Again he really wasn't pushy. He just seemed
excited when I told him about our early success
and the plans we have in the works.

> And about these deals he has put together...
> did you find that out yourself or did he
> tell you?

He told me... but I'll be SURE to do a little
checking up on my own, don't worry.

> Unless you are in a rush - and if you are
> you should still claim not to be - put the
> meeting off until later in the week so you
> can do your dues. This is important, okay?

Well... not to go against your advice, but
I am going to meet him tomorrow for a BRIEF
informational meeting. Feel him out. I
won't reveal too much, and then check him
out throughly if I see fit.

> Obviously I can't just pay this guy

> Hold your horses there, Joe.

> You need not cut him in on anything or even
> think about how to pay him. You don't even
> know whether you will work together or if he
> has a personality you can work with.

I understand... I'm just trying to develop
options beforehand.

> Besides, IF you still go ahead with the
> meeting, you may find HE has a payment plan
> you haven't even thought of yet.

Good point.

> And who are these people who will allow the
> project to really take off? Some guy who
> approached you and made a bunch of claims
> leaving you not time to check them out?

Database Designer, Web Programmer, Graphic
Designer, Web Designer, and a Sales Manager.

That's what I need. My wife and I have been
filling all these roles to this point. And
sure we could keep pluggin away... or we can
get the OPR we need and blow the roof off.

We've got great plans, but we need our time
freed up to concentrate on strategic planning
instead of doin it, doin it, doin it, all day

> As I said, when you have a doubt, there is
> no doubt. Do NOT do the thing you have
> doubts about.



> LOVE? That's a pretty strong word to bandy
> around so freely. Personally I would prefer
> you LOVE your wife and merely Like us.

Hey what can I say... I'm a loving person. But
trust me my love for my wife and kids is just a
bit different. ;o)

Thanks again for taking the time to give me
your thoughts. They are much appreciated!

And thank you for the Art of Leverage... that's
what's got me in this predictiment in the first
place. LOL

Gotta run.


Joe Delbecq

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