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Old February 11, 2002, 06:33 PM
Nicole Paige
Posts: n/a
Default Internet Marketing - Do YOU see the Obvious?

Have you ever walked around the same park, section of neighborhood or strand of beach over and over again? Is it possible that in going "around the block" so many times we actually miss seeing the obvious, what is right in front of us? I believe it is.

Then one day, for no apparent reason but perhaps time, a small bird lands on our shoulder and says, "Look over here." And low and behold, in the same neighborhood, park, beach or Internet, we see the obvious. There is a ray of light that allows us to see what is directly in front of us and for the first time it makes complete sense. Yes, it was there all along but we were perhaps focused on something else. Sometimes we just need to have it pointed out to us – by a coach, a friend, a mentor, a guru - perhaps even a Sponsor!

How many of you, like myself, have learned your lessons about what Relationship marketing Really can be on the Internet? If you have gone down the same path as me, you have given greatly of yourself – time, money, energy, hope, trust, belief, determination and commitment. Has the moment hit you yet?! The moment where you are standing in the middle of your living room in what could be the middle of the desert, and as you turn around and reassess your business, you realize, "Wow, this isn’t really working for me!" I don’t have hundreds of distributors, hundreds of customers and I certainly don’t have hundreds of dollars. If you are here, congratulations – you are ready to make the change!

Before not too long ago, following my "mentor" at that time, I spent a couple of years buying leads and then proceeding to have a "conversation" with these people about my business. That’s right, I was "buying" names, buying people. Now although this may be a viable option at the appropriate time and in a specific instance, I’d like to invite the idea that it may NOT be the most solid Foundation for building our businesses. Many, many people, like myself, will spend thousands of dollars doing this while continuing to not meet their goals. Imagine if you will, you are a performer of music or theatre. You go out into the world and find people that you can pay to attend your performances. Some of them come and some even like what you are sharing. But consider the difference if you were to spend some time singing and playing in small clubs and acting for local theatre companies. During this time you are learning to understand your road map as well as developing a "fan" base. So when you have your first major performance, the people that attend are those who already like you, respect you and are inspired by you! Quite a different dynamic, wouldn’t you say?

Here it is - The Obvious! We are here (life that is) to meet people, make friends and help each other! These values, these forces do not change just because we are on the World Wide Web. We just have more people to play with, more voices to listen to and more insights to give and receive. The value is not in what we do as much as it is in who we are. So many products, companies and people to choose from, and a lot of good ones! But the question is – Whom do we want to align ourselves with? Who do we resonate with? Who holds our similar values? WHO do we want to be mentored by and WHOM do we want to mentor?

So it all comes down to just getting "out there" and making friends? Yes, that is the method or mode of action or focus, if you will. And how do we do this? Simply by making ourselves at home in places that we feel passionate about. These places can be found in the realm of email discussion groups, forums, Usenet groups and ezines. It is a simple act of cause and effect – we share ourselves with others while having an intent to Provide Value and people are in turn drawn to us and want to know who we are and what we have to offer them.

Of course, when we meet all of these wonderful people, and at the point when they do express interest in us and our businesses, we need to know what the next step is. This is where our system comes in that we have set up, following the pathway of our mentor, our sponsor – the person we have "chosen" to trust and align with. Friends, this is a mighty important decision – honor its worth.

Let’s be grateful for whatever people and lessons have brought us to this point. We can even be very grateful to those whom we allowed to lead us down a dark, dead end road for now we have learned what NOT to do. They are our angels and teachers as well. We are givers and receivers of magnificent possibility. As we honor each other and ourselves, we Do walk together to the freedoms of our choice.

Nicole Paige
~Partnering With YOU to Honor Your Vision and Bring it to LIFE~
Begin the Journey by clicking here - mailto:[email protected]

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