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Old March 8, 2002, 05:39 AM
Martin Avis
Posts: n/a
Default How could you do this to me!

Hi Gordon and Dien,

After all the hype I was expecting to be disappointed by the first issue of Seedzine.

But you know what? You pair of no-good sons of (something-or-other) have managed to pull a real live rabbit out of your hats. I'm mortified that I'm not let down. It is so much easier that way. After all, 90% of the next-best-things have less in common with sliced bread than with burnt toast.

Now I'm disappointed that I'm not disappointed.

In fact, I'm rather excited. (And for a polite, reserved Englishman to say that, you can imagine that I'm crossing my legs in glee!)

Well done chaps!

A question for Gordon: the lesson is all about back-ends and upselling. And with a great example. Do you think that someone who is struggling to produce their first e-book should take time out of the process (10 days or 10 weeks) to plan the follow-ups? Should that be an integral part of the initial task? Or do you believe that the follow-ups should come as a result of the feedback achieved once the initial book starts to sell (hopefully)?

It seems to me that producing a saleable product is hard enough for most of us without having to plan additional products to go alongside it.

As someone with three ebooks in the planning stage and beyond (yes, I know I've got to focus), your answer will be read with great interest.

Best wishes,

Martin Avis

> We plan to do a little forum follow-up on
> each issue of the SeedZine, here is the
> follow-up to this weeks SeedZine.


> How about a deeper look at
> ?

> You want to take a look at the Country
> Wisdom Bulletins. These are small 32 page
> booklets or Special Reports on a wide
> variety of topics. Go through them A to Z
> and get some ideas.

> The Bulletin mentioned in SeedZine was
> Hobson. It is bulletin A-65. Go and take a
> look. What you want to see is the “other
> titles you may enjoy” links, similar to
>’s system.

> At Storey Books you’ll see FIVE suggestions
> for people who are interested in the A-65
> bulletin. These are related titles, they are
> of the same FAMILY of products. Important
> lesson here.

> It is excellent upselling, getting you to
> buy more than one title at a time. Now in
> BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING (now a bonus with
> Remote Influence) I discussed a product
> staircase, and for those of you that haven’t
> yet invested in Remote Influence{what are
> you waiting for?} here is a summary of the
> Information Product Development Staircase.

> Special Reports.
> Booklets.
> Audio programs.
> Books, manuals, workbooks.
> Video.
> Seminars, workshops, talk.

> You build this staircase step-by-step, going
> up the ladder. That doesn’t mean it has to
> be DONE slowly, you go as fast as you can.
> See, Storey Books actively seeks writers and
> authors. They hire the work out. They use
> LEVERAGE as Michael Ross explains in his
> book. They let others do the work.

> This isn’t much difference than what is
> taking place on the Internet through the
> so-called Joint Venture and/or affiliate
> programs. You can sell the work of someone
> else and share in the profits, just as Dien
> and I do, as Dien does with Michael Ross and
> his other associates and as I do with mine.

> The whole Storey Books web site has a theme
> of Country Living/Freedom, Gardening and
> Independence. Most of their titles appeal to
> this niche or an affinity group of people
> with an interest. Want a good lesson in
> Remote Direct Marketing? Buy one of the
> little bulletins and watch what happens.

> By ordering a small little booklet, which is
> probably profitable for them in and of
> itself, they have CAPTURED a name of someone
> with a specific interest. And what follows
> is a direct mail campaign aimed right at the
> big target you’ve painted on your self.

> How sweet to acquire a new customer at a
> profit (if they do) because customer
> acquisition is one of and often THE most
> expensive part of doing business.

> For a paltry 3.95 they have gotten a
> customer who could be worth THOUSANDS to
> them over the lifetime value. That is ONE
> customer could order and tell others about
> these products and the effect is extremely
> profitable.

> Giving away FREE reports or better yet,
> selling LOW COST reports, bulletins,
> HOTSHEETS are a tested and proven method of
> acquiring more business.

> And the lessons you want to take away from
> this weeks SeedZine and this Friday
> Follow-up are these:

> 1) You don’t have to create the product, use
> LEVERAGE and have others do the work.
> 2) Develop a family of products, all related
> to a specific affinity group.
> 3) Get people to raise their hands and
> identify themselves.
> 4) Market related products to your
> customers.
> 5) The Lifetime Value of a customer could be
> worth a fortune to you.
> 6) Develop a list. Acquire a list. Rent a

> I chose Storey Books because we're quickly
> approaching Spring here in the USA. Our
> mailboxes will be filled with offers from
> companies like Troy Built and Burpee Seeds,
> which has been running ads for over 100
> years. Start saving these promotions, they
> are an invaluable resource for you to learn
> and study from.

> Do you garden? Do you dream of a
> self-sufficient lifestyle? One thing that
> Bill Myers taught me was that most people
> seldom reach, nor really want to reach,
> their dreams, but they buy anything that
> helps them enjoy the dream or fantasy.

> This week's Seed was Small Beginnings . And
> that is what we encourage you all to do,
> BEGIN today to work on your garden plot, the
> one in your mind...the one that produces the
> Harvest of Happiness you deserve.

> Next week's SeedZine is titled:
> You'll find it interesting. And there will
> be a Friday Follow-up too.

> Gordon Alexander

BizE-zine: Success strategies that really work.

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