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Old January 9, 2017, 11:00 AM
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Default 17-26 Accelerated posting

Since they are related, here are ideas 17-26
SEVENTEEN. Half day hands on Auto workshops.
FIND local businesses and organize special hands on experiences for niches. For example, you could do an AUTO MAINTAINENCE half day program at a local garage. Target young women, HS and college, and give them the experience of changing a tire, replacing a battery, changing the oil and general auto tips.

IF you have skills, and a garage at home, you could even offer these out of house.

18, 19, 20 and 21 Pretty much the same as 17, hands on “camps” for

Baking- If you have a kitchen, you could have small classes of 3 or 4 people, at 75 bux each for a couple of hours of cake baking decorating, or cookies (for the holiday), bread, pies. I have a friend who bakes cakes for weddings, nice little side line. For the bakers: This chain has some good ideas your local baker might use. You could, as a marketing expert, help her set up a web site or get more business, which I'll cover later. Jo Ann is a big chain, if they are making money in this niche, why can't you?

FRAMING. There is a Warrior who is an expert framer, teaches classes has a store and sells frames. His handle on WF is oziboomer, check him out. But if you know how to frame, you can do it as a stand alone business, or offer the hands on PROJECT workshop. 0
They even have an association:

POWER TOOLS. A half day class on using a saw, lathe or drill press. Include a project in the half day class, make sure you have a rider on your insurance policy or business insurance you don't want someone to cut his finger off. I once took a class on the Mark V all purpose tool, many years ago, and there are many of these sold:

You could run free ads on Craigslist and offer beginner, medium and advanced classes, with projects attached, these become fun events. I will offer attend a free workshop at Sears, Home Depot and Menards or Lowes, ACE. I know a guy who travels and puts on these workshops, he makes some decent fun money. As an aside, any skill you have, and you are good at, you could convert into an EXPERIENCE for someone else.

RELOADERS- One of the hottest selling items right now are all things guns and ammo.
They are flying off the shelves:

Check out these recent SOLD listings on eBay (also a great piece of chattel) aders&_sop=3


OK, those are 10 EXPERIENCES OR SCHOOLS, even if only half day schools, camps, or trips or even week long expensive, I hope you have gotten some ideas. The next 5 are all about GUNS. Very hot market and growing.

B A N G BANG, He shot me sang Cher many moons ago.

This section probably is mostly for Americans cause we love us some guns.

I grew up with guns. I had two “famous” uncles (locally renown), Bill Huff and Frank Yoder. Bill Huff was the area's biggest gun nut, lifelong member of the NRA and oft President of the Goodyear Hunting and Fishing club. Goodyear had one of the largest such clubs in America.

Frank Yoder, among other things, raised hunting dogs, good ol hound dogs. I did hunt til about 16, then I lost interest and turned my hunting toward girls. Pretty good with rabbits, squirrels and small game, not so good with the girlies.

Right now, gun ownership is sky rocketing. Here are ways you could cash in.

  1. Instructor for concealed carry. Check your state site.

      1. General firearms instructor.
          1. Help people to buy a gun. You can accompany them to the shop, show or the back alley. Just kidding, sort of. But buying a gun should not be a casual thing, and the intent of owning a gun should be very defined. If you are going to have one in your house or pocket, know how and when to use it, PLEASE.
          2. Chattel guns, cleaning kits, ammo, books, magazines and I know guys who make a substantial amount of money in the gun market, mostly through trade shows.
          3. These get lumped together, but if you want more information on any one of these things, I have the contacts which could help you out, OK? Country land can be converted into a Clay Retreat, Skeet, Target, Range, Paintball Country-can even get mini tanks for this:

They sell on eBay for about 7,000 bux. You could make em in your garage, eh?

So, we only have scratched the gun surface, if you are an enthusiast, there are 101 legal ways to get some cold hard cash into your trigger happy fingers.

Well, were half way there. 26 (plus) ideas for you to glance at, give some thought to (or not), or consider for your new year. Before we get to the next 26, a little commercial break.

Probably do several a day now that the report is off the market. All those who bought the thing, will automatically be sent the BONUS report on Feb. 14, Valentine's day, thank you.

Getting ideas is a good exercise, finding one you like and DOING it is even better.

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