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December 23, 2017, 09:20 AM
There is a LOT of great stuff by Michael Ross, Phil, Bob Blagg, etc

Thank you, dear old timers. Your legacy lives on

P.S. Anyone still in touch with Michael Ross?

I think Michael Ross was the first person to get off line, as memory serves, he went into construction, maybe as a crane operator?

Since Facebook groups have become more popular, these small forums have faded away, and this one has taken on more of blog feel to it. Although I did have blogs back in the day, DOOM AND GLOOM and prior to that, a personal blog, it seemed to be pointless to keep up with them.

Regarding legacy materials. Back in 1995, in the earliest days of the www, many mail order marketers realized the potential of the Internet, even with the old dial up and slow modems. CABLE came on the scene and by 2000, it made the www a real possibility for millions of people.

If anyone is interested in copywriting, they are often given a list of books, some of those going back 50, 75 years or longer.

What is important, to me, is how information is USED, and those early 90's forums were almost always built by someone DOING something and sharing what they did, a very early adopter was Bill Myers, maybe the oldest running forum online from a one man band perspective.

Theories abound. But when someone is on the street, pounding the pavement, or in modern terms, burning through data, and actually DOing the thing, and are willing to share what they have done, well, that's the real value and LEGACY of all of us.

My message is the same today as it was in 1997, GIVE, then GET. Those early articles and forum posts aren't much different from what I post today, and perhaps, I've gotten a tad bit better at saying it.

My latest work, THE CREED, is a simple two page pdf, as simple an information product as can be created.

It is offered as an example of a quick and easy product to create, to get you off to a fast start, as well as a product which I am proud of and feel it will be life changing for some people, who DO IT.

And there is the crux, the DOING it. No lack of good ideas here or at 101 of the other forums, blogs, Facebook groups, what have you...

BUT things change when the reading is APPLIED, and someone actually takes action on the idea, then we get to see the real legacy in action.

As I've stated from day one, the new guy today, will be the old timer in a not so distant future, because it does go by quickly, and tomorrow is not promised to anyone, and the PARADE OF LIFE marches along, losing some band members and gaining new ones as it goes.

Thanks for the glance back, but, I'm a Janus. One eye on the past, one on the future, or as my class motto says, "The past to remember, the future to behold."


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