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January 26, 2018, 01:45 PM
Thanks Gordon,

In the room at 15 Jay Abraham Bootcamps
I was VERY INTERESTED in how Serial Entrepreneur Bob Morrison
PRE-TESTED All his various products in 15 Different Industries.

***He Did Postcard mailings BEFORE B*UYING a Business.

***He did Snail Mail Tests to Find the Best S*elling Headlines.

Which is how he came up with -

"Why SOB's Succeed In Business And Nice Guys Fail"
Which has s*old about 500,000 copies - Direct to Bob - so he keeps all the $.

Bob told me he he ACCIDENTALLY S*old
to a Church List - he rented.

More Complaints but it s*old like CRAZY.

So he rented More Church names.

I REALLY Studied what Bob was doing.

Referred to Bill Myers.

Bill Was S*elling stuff to the "Best Market in the world" in his and Gary Norths
Opinion. People who are Preparing for the END of The World or For the
Russians or Chinese to INVADE are Fantastic Customers.

A - BECAUSE IF we get invaded and killed - NOBODY can Complain about your product.

B - BECAUSE IF we Survive - Your B*uyers are basically HAPPY to Be Alive. (AGAIN - You are Golden.)

Bill's PRE-Testing System was Similar to Bob's.

But BETTER - in my Opinion.

But Both Mentors Found a way to PRE-TEST (fast and Cheap) so that IF they
found lots and lots of b*uyers - only THEN would they create the Product.

If their tests BOMBED, they Quit before they wasted time on a Product
nobody wanted.


I now do something similar VIA Email - instead of Direct Mail.

A - Come up with an idea for a Book or mp3 Audio book
based on something We Already do that is Very Successful.

B - Write a "Working" Headline and Write an Outline of about 20 Chapters

C - Then I go thru my Shoebox Collection of Proven Million Dollar Headlines
from around the world. Write and Adapt 11 or 20 headlines.

D - ASK My Customer list to VOTE On Which ONE of the 10 or 15 Headlines
Adapted from proven Titles - THEY LIKE BEST.

IF I Get Very Few Votes.

I SCRAP THE Book idea.


IF I get Lots and Lots of VOTES from Folks - My Tests Show that
50% or more of the Voters will go on to B*uy the Book - they just VOTED

So I Write the book.

This is my Long-winded way of saying I AGREE with You.

Test First - Then Create The Product
is My Personal Preference.


P.S. - Since I got 2 TIMES more Votes THAN USUAL on the Moolah Attraction
Book Headlines for my Newest Book TEST...

I went ahead and Wrote the book #1.

28 Chapters at www.GlennOsborn.com

You have given us a million dollar template, we apprciate your posting.

What most don't recognize or acknowledge is, YOU are one of the top Gurus, if you don't mind being called it, meant as a measurement of your knowledge...and you generously share what you have learned from your many mentors with us.

What you have, however, and what is lacking in so many people...is


And I address this in my OPINION.

You ask the right questions when you meet with these successful people.

I assert, MOST people don't know how to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS, mainly because their curiosity has been educated out of them.

Thanks Glenn, always great to be validated by a Master.


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