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May 14, 2018, 10:03 AM
This is an older post, not sure why you reposted it, is there a question?


For whatever reason this was posted, let me address it... I still think buying and selling is a nifty resource to have in your tool belt, EVERGREEN, never ending Parade of Life activity.

I, however, no longer work with people on this subject. I prefer to fly low and collect the dough, BUT, my new favs are found at fleamarketflipper.com. They have a year or more of deals they've done. They offer courses. They made over 100k last year doing exactly what I wrote about 25 years ago.

So, if anyone is interested in buying and selling stuff to make money, you have a great place to start with fleamarketflipper dot com.

The Chattel Report, or off shoots are no longer available to my knowledge, if someone is selling it, it is without my after support. I no longer involve myself in other people's chatteling (with few exceptions).

Thanks for looking into our archives, they go back 19 years...lots of gold in there.

And if you (the general new you) have any questions, just ask.

Gordon (the FORMER Mr. Chattel)

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