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August 30, 2018, 09:42 AM
Hey everyone, I am searching for a new job now and I am running out of money slowly. What it's better to do in my situation. I've been reading payday loans online reviews (https://paydayloansonline.reviews/) for a few days and found some good offers but is it really a good Idea to solve the issue that way?

Unless you have a PLAN, I strongly advise against a PayDay loan of any kind. What will you use the money for? See, it goes like this,

One hasn't enough money to cover a debt or bill, so they borrow. Normally against an incoming check of some kind. Others require collateral, the pink slip on the car.

So, how do you payback the loan? What happens in most cases, it creates a vicious cycle of borrowing, again and again. These predatory lenders know how to make THEMSELVES MONEY, and how to squeeze you if you don't have any.

I think it should be a last chance option, especially for someone without a job.

What sort of job are you looking for? What is that market looking for and how long do you have to look? If considering a PayDay loan, it means you are running out of time.

Is there any part time work, any "chores" type work you could do to keep you afloat?

Do you have ANYTHING to sell? But most important, what is your PLAN to get either back on track, or on track so you don't need to consider this desperate option?


PS. As most review sites, the one you linked to is an affiliate of their top selections...hardly UNbiased in my opinion. Also, NONE of these predatory lenders will give you an unsecured loan, for something like that, you need to turn to family, friends, or crowd funding.

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