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Dien Rice
March 9, 2020, 07:45 AM
Why is the coronavirus such a worry?

There are two reasons...

* It is more deadly than the flu.

* It is also very contagious.

Other previous worrying illnesses are deadly - but less contagious. For example, Ebola and Sars are more deadly - but not as contagious.

On the other hand, the flu is also very contagious - but not as deadly.

It's the combination of being both deadly and contagious that makes this illness potentially the biggest threat since the Spanish flu around 100 years ago...

So, to keep yourself well, you have to either try to make it less deadly, or less contagious.

Reducing contagiousness

This is why people are wearing masks (which do help, despite what some people are saying), and also why they are isolating themselves.

Another method which may work (which isn't largely talked about) could be moving to the tropics. Many people believe a hot and humid climate makes the virus less contagious.

For example, this is true for the flu. Flu pandemics have a lesser effect in the tropics. The heat damages the flu virus. Also, the humidity means water droplets containing the virus get heavier quicker, and fall to the ground more quickly, compared to in a place with low humidity.

Both these together mean that the flu is less contagious in heat and humidity. Many people expect it will be the same for the Covid-19 virus.

This is also why people are expecting (and hoping) it will become less contagious in the summer months.

Reducing how deadly it is

The only possibility I have come across - for now - is to take a lot of vitamin C. There is a lot of evidence that it reduces the potential harm of the flu. This is no longer a matter of debate any more - the debate now is how much it reduces the harmfulness of the flu.

It is still speculative, but there is speculation that vitamin C can reduce the harm of Covid-19. Some recommend taking relatively large doses - such as up to 10 grams a day (10,000 mg).

Hopefully there will eventually be a vaccine, but we're not there yet...

If you have any comments or questions, let me know...

Best wishes,


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