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April 14, 2021, 06:40 PM
An old friend sez, “You're going about this all wrong.” What he was talking about....

Weeelll, I'm exhausted for the day. Gonna head home and wrap my head around a conversation I had with an old friend. I saw him a couple of years ago at our 50th class reunion but he was too busy chasing after his high school sweeties to pay me any mind.

But today, at an early dinner (yes it is true, Old people eat very early dinners) is when he told me my retirement was all wrong.

And he may be right.

The gist was; in his opinion, I needed to:
Get off the Internet.
Get back to people and nature.

"Take your own advice, the one about where your head going somewhere."
(Where your head goes, your body follows {meant in both physical and metaphysical ways}).

He may be right, I doubt if I have anything else to give you all. Maybe the fire is out, the passion gone and the time is right to harvest all those seeds I've planted over the years. Or maybe a long vacation from my self created busyness...being busy, DOING, and doing more isn't a sign of productivity, it is an indication of busyness. He asked me the old Gordon question (I hate when they do that), WHY?

And my what and why sounded sort of weak. Sort of shallow? Not sure, but maybe I need to do something else, and even examining my new project as to the WHY? (May be ego, to prove I still can??)... but this week I'm getting a bird's eye view of the future, and I don't see much of a part in it for me.

So ol Gordon has to answer the same question to his self hes a been askin ya all for decades now, WHAT DO YOU WANT, AND WHY?

I really have to think about that. I am grateful I have another two days of activities to keep myself distracted from trying to answer that one...maybe something will come up.


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