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May 28, 2021, 12:19 PM
Brilliant singer Adele made pom-poms.

Brilliant stripper "Angel" bought Adele's pom-poms on etsy and now they can be seen covering her, er, uh...bodaciousnesses.

Brilliant use of Glenn's celebrity attention getting device, although Angel never had a problem getting attention from the stage (or so THEY say, this is not first hand info, he..he)...

Attention and Rapport. Instantly.

That is the goal, eh? Anyhow, since you have read this far, I might well use your attentiveness to have a Friday thinkOut...where I will write about some thoughts and convo's I've had this past week.

First. HOTSHEETS. Working on a new project. A hotsheet which will cost me 1.25 to get and 1 buck to ship (has to be sent in mail) so my product costs will be 2.25. I will be testing 14.95, 19.95 and 24.95 promotions to very specific groups of buyers.

I may have a second HOTSHEETS as a "course" which will be around 39 bux (copywriting/influence course) with special write on/erase hotsheets or playing card like thingys.

So, who else has a product, with a delivered cost of 2.25 which can produce a 20 dollar profit? Anyone? Or course, the cost of acquisition isn't included, but it will be on me to keep that as low as possible, one idea is to PRIVATE label these to a big in the market company to be used as PREMIUMS for their lines of products.

INFORMATION, as one recent sowpubber asked, is it still a good product to sell, and we uns being biased as heck say, YES it is.

I want to find the maximum profit in a hotsheet, a single piece of paper, which has a large, sustainable market...and I keep an eye out for those, one of which might be the Crafts and Arts (etsy, pinterest) market for all things


Thinking of buying this today:
https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1432934350389571/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks&tracking=%7B%22qid%22%3A%226967350355555894995%22% 2C%22mf_story_key%22%3A%22306307860767651162%22%2C %22commerce_rank_obj%22%3A%22%7B%5C%22target_id%5C %22%3A306307860767651162%2C%5C%22target_type%5C%22 %3A6%2C%5C%22primary_position%5C%22%3A0%2C%5C%22ra nking_signature%5C%22%3A8191370491743698944%2C%5C% 22commerce_channel%5C%22%3A501%2C%5C%22value%5C%22 %3A0%2C%5C%22upsell_type%5C%22%3A21%2C%5C%22groupi ng_info%5C%22%3Anull%7D%22%7D

And playing around with it. An area which I know can do well, if some added MARKETING were to be involved is in patterns, plans and blueprints. Healthy mature markets which are evergreen.

Onto Memorial Day. I always like to mention at least 3 veterans, Clayton Witcher, a high school classmate, my brother's friend who used to hang around our "mansion"; Lt. Melvin (Spence) Dry, who was aboard my submarine in Vietnam when he gave his life for his country...and ol friend

The Boz, Bruce Bud Riggs, an Army Sgt. who became a fast friend in the desert of New Mexico and wrote the Headlight Cleaning Manual. One of the best how to manuals from someone who did it, and I bear witness to his success with it.

And we want to remember all those who are no longer with us this Memorial day as we celebrate their sacrifices and our freedoms.

Memorial Day kicks off our Summer in America, last day of school for many today, the hot summer ahead, vacations, holidays and even new business opportunities too.

We like to focus on biz opportunity here, Dien and I have been reporting on it for over 20 years now, and we are constantly discovering new ways to earn a buck.

I am doing more OFFLINE than I have in many years, online has its merits, certainly, but for someone who is less people inclined, as I have become, getting back to simply selling a product, without ever interacting with the customer or buyer, just has so much appeal to me these days.

And selling INFORMATION products, OFFLINE, is still very much alive and well, so full circle to the Mail Order business it is, with some very low cost information products coming your way.

Which reminds me, one friend of the forum has made several thousand dollars in the last couple of months, by...

DISTRIBUTING business cards... He has distributed almost 200,000 of them in the last 90 days via EDDM, and has something which is unique, not seen very often, and would be a great opportunity for most of you who don't mind a little people contact. Now, I've been involved with co-op ADVERTISING cards for years, but he doesn't offer advertising...

his thing is DISTRIBUTION.

So many businesses have a box of unused cards collecting dust in a desk, but they can be very effective tools, IF they can get distributed. My friend has figured out how to do it. I may try to convince him to write a HOW TO manual, like the HEADLIGHT CLEANING manual, with all the details in it...but he is so busy, he may not have the time.

I like the concept, call on a few businesses, show the distribution model, get them on board, then drip them through Zip Zones throughout the year. Not many onliners have made thousands from scratch in the last 90 days with a high demand offer, something being said about high touch biz-ops, eh?

I told him to charge 199 for his report, he is thinking about it.

Also, on my mind...is a deep dive into my archives, memories and old things, which I haven't touched for 20 years...including:

My GOLF products. Although I don't teach any longer, no reason why the golfing world should be deprived of my expertise, just cause I no longer like the game (although Lefty's recent win at the PGA at 50, sort of stoked my dying embers for the game). I constantly yell at you all about not sharing what you know, and tell you to take your knowledge and experiences out of the storehouse of your mind and into the marketplace for some ez cash.

Got to take my own advice.

Also taking another gander at a few games I developed; Froggin Poggin, Bean Disc Golf, Roll Boll and others as well as a few products such as the Winged Wedge 222, which will (could) change the game for millions of hackers.

And, if that weren't enough, taking a look at the old time circular pubs/newsletters, which I always like getting through the mail.

OK. So, now I need to take a break, maybe pay a visit to my Angel Investor and see how things are holding up, while humming "Someone Like You" as I drive.

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