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June 9, 2021, 07:25 AM
wowZA. Five years ago, just before Trump won the nomination, I started a limited series newsletter; THE FLY LOW-COLLECT THE DOUGH UPDATE HOTLINE.

How did I do? Well, there was COVID for the last 18 months, didn't see that one coming, but who did?

I am reviewing all 38 episodes, seeing how I did with my forecasts, thoughts on making money, what Covid knocked out, and what is left standing AFTER the four years of Trump.

After reviewing the so-called newsletters, I'll let you know if there is anything of value left standing, and expect a giant sales pitch for a few thousand bux (or 10 to 15) to get you to part with your hard earned cash to get the UPDATE on the updates, fair enough?

I suspect, some of those ideas; like Sat. workshops, can begin to take off again, and with what we've learned during the covid pandemic, may help us plan for even bigger profits too. There is a pent up want/need to have some human contact, ala workshops, seminars and day lectures...which some of you can cash in on.

FIVE years later, what great Gordo seeds of wisdom for flying low and collecting the dough are worth reviewing? Stay tuned.


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