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Dien Rice
August 25, 2021, 10:53 PM
Warning: potential rabbit hole. Set a timer.

This should help with finding products that go well with your current product (won't tell you anything about why, sorry)

Go to Amazon

Search for similar products

Open each one (right click, open in new tab works well)

Scroll down to "frequently bought together" - doesn't show on all products so don't worry if nothing there.

See what people are already buying that's related to the product you're looking at.

Also check out the related products.
Hi Trevor,

I just want to thank you too...

This is truly a great idea!

I can also think of an application for this for info-products...

For example (just to test the idea), I looked up a book (paperback) on copywriting on Amazon...

One of the books "frequently bought together" with this book was the book "On writing well"...

Another (for another copywriting book) was "Scientific Advertising" - which is no longer copyrighted (so can be given out freely)... Yet this suggests that people are happy to pay for it...

This suggests that if you're selling products on how to be a copywriter, you could also "expand" your offerings with these related products (ebooks, reports, audio books, courses, etc.) or on these topics too...

(The "frequently bought together" books seem to only appear on printed books, not Kindle books or audio books from what I've seen...)

Wow, this is great...!

Best wishes!


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