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August 23, 2021, 10:38 AM
You have a list. They bought a bracelet.

One. A simple email, WHY did you buy this bracelet?

Two. A Glenn Osborn "bribe", a free something for feedback.

Three. A quiz or questionnaire.

Those need words, not copy, when thinking about copy, one has a tendency to want to get an outcome, you need facts, reasons why, right?

But other than that, I don't know enough to render any useful ideas on your business model.


Hi Gordon,

In fact I tried out the model with a compass.

In fact it seems that it is the model with an anchor that is more successful, it seems to me that the symbol is the most important.

I question if perhaps it could also be nautical accessories, related to the sea.

Even because we in Portugal have a culture related to the sea, who knows the history, we were the discoverers of the world. We are connected to the sea.

Any copy suggestions to ask my list why they bought the bracelet?

Thanks for answering.


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