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May 9, 2022, 01:54 PM
Thanks Gordon - fascinating and intriguing.

Have come across Tesla & Royal Rife but not sure what the new device is.

I think in the UK, a nutter is considered a crazy person, maybe eccentric.

Or as Billy Joel might sing, "it just may be a lunatic you're looking for".

Consider this: what gives any gov't the right to control Radio Waves? In USA we have the FCC and the NTIA and it is illegal to use certain controlled frequencies.

We think of radio as AM or FM, some Citizen's Band, and a few reserved bands for law enforcement, etc.

So, consider me just another crankpot with my own little theories...

I've been fascinated by radio and magnets, invisible FORCE fields if you will, and have a natural curiosity toward looking at 'BANNED' and/or controlled things, so when I started learning about radio waves, I asked WHY are they controlled, what is it?

Of course, as with most things, MONEY is the player of note and fortunes were/are made with all things invisible floating through the air.

They are free to grab, albeit ILLEGAL according to some Gov't.

Little black boxes are not allowed, except by CIA, FBI, LBJ IRT, and more alaphabets...they can drive around town or sit in an office and capture air waves of information.

So, against the backdrop of studying all things invisible in our air, but with a look at magnetic and electromagnetic properties, and acknowledging I am a nut job, totally crazy and out of my mind...

I think there are forces at work, and if we learn how to tap into these, just as we have tapped into the spectrum of all RF there is another wave, which we are just starting to understand, the band of human consciousness.

Does it operate like a broadcast or is it both, a receiver and sender and how is it measured and can consciousness be out of body (having had an OBE, I say yes) and if so, can communciation take place between other "stations" and or even in time/space???

Anything that allows me to test these theories and IFFIN I gets me some results, then it is worthy of sharing.

The crystals of early radio, and our modern tech, esp led and pulsing...comined with existing wave length carriers...are producing some intersting results.

But, be assured, I am a NUTTER, albeit a happy go LUCKY one.

Hey, maybe my new website, thehappygoluckynutter.com HA!


PS. Will discuss more on this in coming days.

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