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June 24, 2022, 10:03 AM
I like the idea.

I loved the idea when I bought it, and was all enthused.

But for me, the problem has become I just don't have the ability anymore to LEARN new things (for the most part). I got tons of youtube videos saved, and want to watch and learn...

NEED to in many cases...

But dang, at my age and health, I'd rather get real and focus on what I can do easily, quickly and APPLY these last 60 years of learning into the fastest and most productive use of my time.

And, still being a human bean...I too get shiny object syndrome, I like the new, sparkly tech, I want in on AR VR AI and all that...and there is plenty of great new tech and ideas to get one


But, I also know the TIME constraints too. We senior folk may think and sometimes act as if we were 25, but the realities of the body put a short leash on our bodies and what we really can do.

I wish, and even take care of my body, and hope to be in the shape Harvey Bordy is in at 90, but sometimes heredity overpowers even the best of habits.

So, I want to default to my less pain (of learning) to more pleasure (doing what I know) and try to have a nice flourish of meaningful activity without wasting time chasing butterflys over rainbows and riding unicorns.

Staying FOCUSED, especially for us ADD/ADHD, older folk...is one way to remain productive and hopefully useful to society.

That was my long version EXCUSE. And today, like Jimmy Durante used to say, "ah cha cha cha, I got a million of em!".


Hi Gordon,

I didn't mean to make you blush...!

I think for me it's a good thing, as I'm already doing something similar, but in an inferior way...

Inspired by yourself (http://www.sowpub.com/forum/showthread.php?p=43039) and Glenn (http://www.sowpub.com/forum/showthread.php?p=42822), I'm now making more handwritten plans and "brainstorming"-type sessions...

(As opposed to typing them into the computer or on my phone... which I still do in addition sometimes... I use Google Docs for this...)

My usual method is to take a photo of the handwritten page afterwards. (I'm always losing paper... But once it's digital, I'm good at keeping it stored where I can find it...)

The Rocketbook system is simply better than my simple photographing-a-piece-of-paper method!

But, the acid test is whether I'm still using it in a month or so, as I also abandon ideas too (if I find something that doesn't quite work for me)...!

Best wishes,


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