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Dien Rice
October 21, 2022, 07:30 PM
Hi Millard,

I love Glenn Osborn's stories too!

I'm always looking out for his emails...!

Here's how I understand his "flirt tipping" stories...

(For those who don't know, Glenn talks about how he tips at restaurants before and during the meal... See some of his past posts here to get an idea of what he does...)

From memory, Glenn has reported that from his "flirt tipping"... Not only does he get ecstatically happy waitresses and chefs, but...

...he often gets extra free food...

...he sometimes brings his own soup in a thermos to the restaurant - with no complaints from the staff!

...and in what must be the most audacious example - he sometimes brings along his solar cooker and even cooks some of his own food he brings from home - at the restaurant! With no complaints!

If a "normal" customer did those things, they'd probably be "told off" in no uncertain terms...

What's the point of all this?

Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong... My understanding is you can use analogous techniques to get people "on your side" who you want to sell to...

...Thereby, increasing your own sales and profits, and opening doors that would otherwise be shut !

He shares a lot of powerful lessons in what he writes!

Best wishes,


I've got to tip my hat to Glenn Osborn for his educational and highly interesting posts. These posts always lead me back to stories at his websites that get you thinking big time.

Glenn has often mentioned how people talk to him at restaurants when he has used some of his unusual tipping techniques.

I would be interested in hearing of how just one case of people talking to him after these tipping adventures turned into a client.

It would certainly be a very interesting read. :)

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