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Dien Rice
October 29, 2022, 01:54 AM
Hi Gordon,

Very interesting!

You did "get" me with this... Where did the blood stains come from??!?!!

Inquiring minds want to know!

Which makes me think... I can't think of that many copywriters who have published fiction books...

Only two spring to mind at the moment...

Denny Hatch (https://dennyhatch.co/) and Richard Armstrong (https://www.freesamplebook.com/)...

Some of Denny Hatch's fiction books are The Fingered City, Coldcocked, and The Stork...

A couple of Richard Armstrong's fiction books are The Don Con and God Doesn't Shoot Craps...

You're an amazing storyteller, Gordon... I sometimes read through some of your stories (such as those on the Sowpub home age) again and again... I even copied a couple of them out once... :)

Not sure if I was able to fully absorb the awesome "Gordonesqueness" of them though... :)

Best wishes,


At 1 P.M. Travis was on the beach, just south of the Santa Monica pier. He had a white tee shirt, flip flops, khaki shorts and some blood stains on his legs.

His early morning meeting with well known Internet Marketing guru, Dan Kernal, an expert in NLP, hypnosis, and bull ****e, went as planned. Travis wanted his 15,000 dollars back, after all, Dan did not do what he said he would, in fact, Dan took the money and went to Acapulco to party and sniff cocaine he bought with Travis' money.

Anyhow, to the point. YES, but not only fiction, even very difficult reading, such as some physics books, and I like to read children's books. How does a reader progress from Charlotte's Web to The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to

Harry Potter as young adult readers...

Into the mystery, murder, mayhem pulp and the literary classics?

What we learn from our reading, is IF, we are paying attention or just reading for pleasure. I like Stephanie Plum, a Janet Evanovich character, in her several dozen best sellers. I can read her longest book in about 15 minutes.

About once a year, I revisit a few classics...THE RED PONY, by John Steinbeck, which was first published as a serial in magazines. A short novella, and Steinbeck was a must read for me, and all things Hemingway too.

Any written thing that ENGAGES your brain, gets and HOLDS attention, is a good source of human behavior.


P.S. I don't do well with Stephen King, Dan Brown and Tom Clancy, best sellers all...but I struggle getting through them, they DO NOT hold my attention, too much detail bogs me down.
ALSO. I get a lot of good from both poetry and SONG LYRICS. Read Desolation Row by Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and many of the stars of Pop music too.

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