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October 31, 2022, 11:01 PM
Thanks Dien,

The above Subject line outpolled all 200 other Articles I tested at Medium.com

Not by a Little.

But by 100X

I Make Money for myself and Clients by Combining ideas from several books.

For Example:

I Read, "Influence" by Robert Cialcini.

But the NJ owner of a CarWash DID Not.


A - I gave him the idea to Have his SALES people pitch the HIGH price options First. Then middle then low.

He stood at a Jay Abraham seminar and Gave Me Credit
for increasing his sales margins by 40%

Did he pay me?


He stiffed me.


A Chiropractor who got most of his biz doing Workshops for Health Food Stores.

A - Boosted his Bttm Line by Focusing on his Most Profitable Item.
(Special food sales to prevent Allergies)

B - Once He Made More moolah he paid me 10Grand

C - I Interviewed him for 2 hrs about Kinesiiolgy.

Wrote a one page Report Called:

How Muscle Testing
Finds Pain Doctors
Are Blind To

Which when handed out In Waiting Room and Before his Vitamin Store Demonstrations TRIPLED His Sales.

And I was Promptly Fired.


P.S. - What I do now is offer a FREE ENERGY CONSULTATION. Raise folks Chi Energy over the phone. Then Find out what they do to make moolah and Boost it.

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