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October 29, 2022, 02:07 PM
Cheers Dien,

Anyone can write a book.
I know.

I paid 97 for a course on how to do it. I wonder, has ANYONE ever read Hatch's work ( I have read Armstrong).

Of course, there is writing a book, and there is getting it published. What I call or knew as the VANITY press is alive and well on Amazon and eBay, etc.

As you know, my daughter 'Tink', has written 3 books so far, and one of those was published by a New York Publisher; SKY HORSE. and picked up by Simon & Schuster. The other two were self published. Having an actual literary agent and prestigious publisher opened up other doors.

She has finished her script and is now submitting that to potential producers.

I have written short stories, even a novella. I find I am more suited to the Script.

And although Hollywood is not knocking down my door (mainly because they don't know about me, yet)...I do have several scripts, which maybe, I would do the Patterson thing and hire other writers to turn the scripts into books.

I think because of my ADD, or laziness, I lose interest in writing long stories but shorter writing or visual as a script makes you write, are more my cup of tea.

But to answer your question, just send me 87 bux (a discount) and I'll send you my used copy of ANYONE CAN WRITE A BOOK,


Hi Gordon,

Very interesting!

You did "get" me with this... Where did the blood stains come from??!?!!

Inquiring minds want to know!

Which makes me think... I can't think of that many copywriters who have published fiction books...

Only two spring to mind at the moment...

Denny Hatch (https://dennyhatch.co/) and Richard Armstrong (https://www.freesamplebook.com/)...

Some of Denny Hatch's fiction books are The Fingered City, Coldcocked, and The Stork...

A couple of Richard Armstrong's fiction books are The Don Con and God Doesn't Shoot Craps...

You're an amazing storyteller, Gordon... I sometimes read through some of your stories (such as those on the Sowpub home age) again and again... I even copied a couple of them out once... :)

Not sure if I was able to fully absorb the awesome "Gordonesqueness" of them though... :)

Best wishes,


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