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January 15, 2023, 03:34 PM
Thanks Gordon.

Intrigued about Switchwords.

Copywriters do tend to have a high opinion of themselves but if they can convert even at 1% they can make their clients a lot of money.

Headlines (email subject lines) need to grab - if you don't get attention there, the delete or back buttons are ever ready.

That said, a pattern interrupt can be good.

With emails, I'll tend to open if it doesn't sound like a pitch. But I'll also obey the idiots who think asking me to delete the email is the key to me opening it :)

Knowing your target market helps - get under the skin, understand them and be on their side. If doing that is copywriting then I'm with that approach.

There's no single correct approach - different sectors of the market will be attracted to different sales pages.

The big thing is to do it rather than procrastinate. A so-so sales page that's live beats an excellent one that hasn't been published yet!

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