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January 15, 2023, 01:45 PM
It is mostly a self debate, because, in the world, those who call themselves COPYWRITERS fall into one of several groups...and it doesn't matter which group but the basic concept they all share is>>>>>>>>

their words PERSUADE people to buy.

I say sometimes. Maybe. The GREATS have made fortunes when only 3 or 4 of 100 people who read their brilliant copy, actually respond and buy.

As a group of people, I find they are self-delusional, on the Dunning-Kruger spectrum of overestimating their powers, and as often as not, UNnecessary in most transactions of real products.

That is one side of the debate, and given the time of the day, I might fall into that side. On the other side, is a ton of money I have been paid to write copy for big companies, after convincing them I knew what I was doing. And from the many repeat gigs that came from that, maybe even some truth to it.

I am conflicted, SOME times about the whole idea of copywriting.

And TODAY, as I am prepping my INFORMATION marketers to do this year, is to try to avoid those areas where copywriting is needed, or, in other words, work in markets with big DEMANDS, and evergreen on-going buyers from the Parade of Life, and save yourself a lot of time and make more money when you DON'T USE those secret copywriting tools of influence, persuasion and manipulation.

However, within the debate, there are WORDS, often jargon or triggers, or dog whistles even, that can be used to at least capture the attention of a given avatar.


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