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Larry Foster
October 10, 2006, 09:39 PM
I am trying to get a local business going where I help merchants build online customer lists. I am in a small town.
Basically, the idea is to use in store and offline promotion to build a "club" list.
I am providing the squeeze and thank you pages and doing weekly email broadcasts. Additionally, I provide the marketing strategy for getting sign ups.
Since I am just starting, I offered my service for free to one client, a local independent grocer whom I have known for a long time.
The reason is for testimonials, referrals and proof that my system will work.
Also he's a self-proclaimed "pain in the a**."
Here's the rub.
I had to take all meat out of the squeeze page. I couldn't say things like "Insiders Club" or "offers exclusive to club members"
I can't get any "bribe" from him to offer his customers.
You can see the squeeze page here: The squeeze page (http://www.toysgoldendawn.com)
As far as promotion, I got him to put his address in his weekly flyer
Flyer (http://www.toysgoldendawn.com/flyer)
Suggested he put his address on cash register tapes, in store flyers and bag stuffers.
He said he would make the flyers and bag stuffers but never did. And there is nothing on his register tape.
I made flyers and bag stuffers and gave to him about a week and a half ago.
He hasn't put any up or used the bag stuffers.
It is impossible to get to sit with him and discuss this. I understand he's busy but he has plenty of time to BS with his buddies.
I think it's time to fire him. I feel that I'm wasting my time.
Your thoughts are appreciated.
Larry Foster

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