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November 2, 2006, 04:45 PM
he thinks it's a wonderful idea & told me he would be willing to pay $125 for 2500. (That's good) & his input is that he wouldn't want to be in the bag w/more than 8 other advertisers. I can see his point & kind of agree to it, although that WILL cap my income from this particular project at around $1,000. It may make it an easier sell, though & make more loyal advertisers, in turn, though.

NOW, though, I just have to "face" my other advertisers & tell them that it is just NOT working out to do 5,000 a month...any suggestions on "how" to break it to them?:confused: :confused:


Well first of all you certainly shouldn't let a prospective advertiser tell you how to run your business.
If your original thinking was to generate $3k in ad revenue, and he will participate only if he is one of 8 adverts........
This contract will end up costing you $2k per month and is not be worth including in the program.

A better way may be to overcome his objection and get him in a bag with 25 other adverts for the same money he offered to pay to be included in the original

Learning to overcome objections is the key to making any sales.

If he states " I only want to be in the bag with 8 other adverts"
Don't agree, make him answer! Ask "Why"
If he says " I don't want to be lost in the shuffel"
If you are in a position to offer an exclusive say something like
" I don't normaly do this but, What If you are the only X type of business in the bag, will that work better for you?"

Don't risk ruining your businesses profitability on a 1 time payment of $120.

No one knows better than you what your situation is, so if you can only get 2500 out per month, that is all you can do.

I would try to fulfill this months agreement and then approach them next month with your new #'s

Honesty wil not hurt you, especially in the long run.
If you plan on running any type of business in that community for very long,
Honesty and truth about your situation will speak loud and clear about YOU!

If nothing else Bea, you are doing more than most people that visit these boards looking for advice, You have really gone out and tried something!

One last bit of free advice.......
Now that you have gone through one full cycle with this venture, sit down and rework the numbers until they work. If the numbers don't end up working dump the project and move on to your next venture!

Best of luck and Congrats on DOING SOMETHING,

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