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November 15, 2006, 09:39 AM
Steve, would you mention a few of your best sellers? Also, how did you determine the retail prices?


Hi Frank, Reading Glasses, Chinese Scissors, and 18” long tweezers were among my best sellers.

I had an artist friend make up two large posters with a sketch of a Chinaman wearing a pointed straw hat on each sign and the words…. “Chinese Scissors $3”. I hung one sign on each end of my table and on each corner I had a battery operated flashing red safety light that would grab attention from a distance and most people didn’t know what Chinese Scissors looked like so curiosity would get them to ask me about them. Did you know that there are over 80 different kinds of scissors?

My top sellers were Sewing Scissors, EMT Scissors, Hair Cutting Scissors, Nose Hair Scissors and both small and large size Chinese Scissors. Other top sellers were… Side toe nail clippers and a combination Tweezers & Magnifier gadget combo and dozens of other gadgets that sold well.

If you visited the MoneyMakingGadgets.com site you saw that Bob had all his stock displayed in trays on his table. I did it a bit differently. I covered my tables with really nice black velvet fabric and I had it covered with bright yellow 4x6” heavy card stock paper. One card for each item I sold with the name, price and a short description of the item printed on it. Next to each card I would place 1 to 10 samples items. This set up was very eye appealing. All the shiny gold and chrome plated scissors would make the table sparkle. I also had a very realistic looking talking mechanical parrot that people just loved. I kept most of my inventory in a box under my display table and would simply replace the items on the display table as they sold.

Another really great Fair / Market seller for me was “Temporary Tattoos”. Tattoos that cost me 50/cents each would sell like crazy for $5 each. My Giant Oversize Tattoos cost me a dollar each and would sell for $15 to $25 each depending on the particular design as some were more popular than others. Tribal designs and bellybutton tattoo's were my best sellers.

What I liked about both ventures was the portability. Just two folding tables, a chair and a couple of boxes to keep my inventory in. Talk about a business in a box. Both are capable of raking in hundreds of dollars daily working the right locations. I suggest you contact Bob Downs about prices and locations. I just followed his recommended retail prices. Buy low – sell high! Put yourself and your display in front of people and smile at them and you will make money. But how much you earn is up to you. I only know that this worked for me because I worked at it. As Woody Allen said… 90% of success is just showing up. Most people would never show up working their own little sideline business that requires face to face contact with people. They prefer to hide behind their computer screens and search forever for automatic online no work money machines and they take great pleasure in warning others about all the scams out there but they don’t want to get off their duffs and offer a real product or service offline because they don’t like to sell. Go figure.


Steve Shulenski :)

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