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Don Alm
November 15, 2006, 12:15 PM
Steve....your "temporary Tattoos" clicked one of my "memory Hooks".

Some years ago I had a buddy who was REALLY INTO Car Shows in Caleeefornya. He had a spiffy "modified" something (I forgot what the make was) custom car that he entered in Car Shows almost every weekend.

He took me to one and I noticed something;
The "Fans" were in their mid-20's to mid-30's for the most part....and...many were wearing stickers and pins and T-Shirts and Jackets and other "Car Stuff". And...because it was Caleefornya with SUN-worshippers....while I was sitting next to my buddy's car and watching this parade of "youngsters" going by....it occured to me that we SHOULD have "something" to SELL to this crowd.

I got a "flash" from my youth growing up in Chgo. We'd go to the beach and one of the "Fads" of those days was writing, with a magic marker, your name and date on the back of your girlfriend while you were Sun-Tanning....so that after a few hours, when the Ink was washed off....the "Temporary Tattoo" was there in WHITE skin with red skin around it.

So...remembering these "cheap Temporary Tattoos"....I did some research and found a co in the LA area that had a line of "Temporary Tattoos". He ALSO had some toos that were applicable to "Car Fans".....and as I recall they were also selling for 50cents each.

I bought 100 that I thought would appeal to the "young Caleefornya Car Fans" and brought them to the next Car Show and put them on a card table with a sign that said (I needed a COOL NAME that would GRAB Young Car Fans).....

"FUN-TOOS" were a BIG HIT and sold out fast....and my bud was selling them at every Car Show he went to.

I don't know if anyone is still offering these BUT....there's a new crop of "Young Car Fans" in Caleeefornya who, I'm sure, would pay 5bux for a "FUN-TOO". AND....because many of the temporary toos were cartoon characters....you could call YOUR "toos"....."CAR-TOOS".

So....something to consider for any Caleeefornyans to make money on weekends.

Don Alm
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