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January 1, 2007, 02:06 PM
and let it carry you into the New Year.

I like fast starts. So this morning I did my core (stomach and back) exercises and then hit the deck running.

Although I really don't want to part with it (for sentimental reasons) I'm NOT planning on cooking for 159 people or even 100 from my little RV, so I have no need for my Cooking School in a Box...and it went up today on ebay: (If you want to buy me a nice gift...and keep it for when I visit, I'd have tears of joy if you got this):


These are just like the recipes I used while cooking and baking on the USS Woodrow Wilson and the USS Grayback. They have never been out of the box, just wanted a keepsake for days gone bye-bye.

I'll have several other auctions up before the day is over. Also, I started my craigslist postings...here's a typical couple that I use:

And http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/lss/255998408.html

I'll probaly teach a few people the fine art of Chatteling in the next couple of months and as you see, it is a nice little helping of small potatoes income for me.

There will be several other offers up soon too...ALSO, I've found several things to BUY, both at craigslist and in the Akron Beacon Journal...at my craigslist there is a FREE aquarium...I've got my email in for that one...I KNOW I can reinvest my 95 dollars I've made from the original 5 dollar garage sale investment and turn it into 135 or more with a FREE aquarium and a trip to PetLand.

ALSO, in the process of downloading Michael Mayhew's offer below (don't ya love multi-taksing?) ...bought some products this morning...bid on a couple of things...and had my morning coffee.

There is a theory that I DO believe in...and that is that ACTION, and massive amounts of it in the beginning of a project, leads to productivity and prosperity. I see 2007 as a NEW beginning.

There will be time for socializing a little later in the day, but for now, I want to be DOING.

If you want to Make IT Happen in 2007, you might want to consider keeping a close eye on how you spend your time. Or not.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I also cleaned out the GJA Chatteling Forum this morning, and registered a couple of domains. It is my way of making IT happen for myself this year. Make it happen for YOURSELF this year, and do so with JOY: http://www.tinyurl.com/y3tuw5

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