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Don Alm
March 22, 2007, 11:57 PM
....based on my YEARS of "Marketing" and "consulting";

A fellow (on a different Forum) wanted some advice on how to promote his "Nutritional" business. He said he's tried everything he could think of and was "at his wit's end" and was seeking some advice.

I thought some "SOWPUBBERS' might like to know my response....based on MY helping similar businesses boost their clientele and customers;

Here's my first response to this business owner;
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++

"Cross-Over" Marketing has been a BOON for some of my marketing clients.

"Cross-Over" Marketing is.....

...working with OTHER....NON-Competing businesses who,
(now pay CLOSE ATTENTION as to what I'm about to say)......

..have the SAME "Target Market"....as YOURS....with the MAIN difference being....they are selling a DIFFERENT Product or Service to that "Target Market"!....and....the owners of the OTHER, NON-Competing businesses would NOT mind...."sharing" their client, customer. patient" LISTS....with....YOU! In the interest of;

1) Them providing a GREATER SERVICE to THEIR clientele (patients)
2) Getting MORE EXPOSURE for THEIR business to....YOUR clientele, customers or patients

For example;
"CURVES"..... is a "Fitness Franchise" owned by INDIVIDUALS (not Corporations)....and these INDIVIDUALS can decide how and where their ad and promotion dollars go. PLUS....these INDIVIDUAL owners are VERY INTERESTED in promoting their business and getting more clients AND...getting THEIR NAME out.

So....here's what you can do;

1) Go to a Fitness operation (like "Curves".... but...doesn't have to be "Curves)....and tell them you'd like to offer their members a SPECIAL DEAL on "your stuff" (to help their members reach their goal or "stay healthy" or...help them get into better shape, faster, etc.

YOU will offer to send their members a Special Offer....ON THE FITNESS CENTER'S LETTERHEAD....FROM THE OWNER OF THE FITNESS CENTER!....introducing YOUR business and with a "Special Deal" as an incentive to COME TO YOUR STORE (example; $10 Off a bottle of Dr. Hodges Re-Vie Pep Pills....THIS WEEK ONLY)(Note: NEVER!....and I do mean, NEVER...use "percentages" in ANY of your advertising! "Percentages" will NOT draw anyone!)

2) By the same token (aka "Cross-Over)....YOU....will run a "Special Deal" in YOUR ADS....for the "Fitness Center".... whereby....anyone purchasing a bottle of Dr. Walter's Re-Vie Pep pills....will receive a "FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSION" at the Fitness Center.

Now....this is a Win-Win deal because BOTH businesses will "give something" with the MAIN Idea of offering INCENTIVES....to GAIN customers, clients or patients.

THIS "Marketing Technique" has worked for MANY different types of businesses I've worked this with....starting with my wife's Antique SHoppe....working a "Cross-Over" with an "Interior Decorator".

THINK about...."putting together a Promotion to the Clients of another NON-Competing business....offering an "Incentive" for them to BUY FROM YOU! In return....YOU....will advertise the other NON-Competing business to YOUR customers.

Don Alm
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++

Thanks for reading,

Don Alm

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